4 Cool Boys Haircut Pics

1. Low Taper Fade with Quiff

Boys can have any number of hair styles that suit them and their personalities, from classic comb overs to daring mohawk fades – there’s sure to be one that makes him look stylish and cool! Opt for a low taper fade with quiff for an easy-to-maintain style that works on all hair types. This look works especially well when styled with tousled top locks spiked up with strong hold product for an eye-catching effect.

2. Pompadour

The pompadour is an iconic classic style, appropriate for any length of hair and suitable for boys wanting a modern look. This style pairs nicely with high fade haircuts. A hard part adds an additional element of style. Add texture for an original take on the pomp hairstyle by incorporating some textured volume. This trend is hugely popular among men’s hair styles, making sure he stands out in any crowd.

3. Spiked

This boys hairstyle offers something more daring, featuring a medium cut with spiky strands styled into a faux hawk. Perfect for boys with longer locks who wish to express themselves through an eccentric yet stylish haircut; or those needing to dress up for school or special events. Spiky hair was a trendy look of the 90s and remains trendy today. This look looks fantastic on any length of hair and can be styled either with defined spikes or more loose and messy texture. Colton Haynes from Teen Wolf is an ideal example of someone sporting this look, sporting gorgeous green eyes and sporting an exquisite set of gelled spikes which accentuate his face for an undeniably dapper appearance.

4. Messy

Messy hairstyles don’t have to look scruffy or unruly – instead they can create stylish texture that looks sleek and fashionable! This look is perfect for boys who want a casual yet slick vibe, while side parting and shaved lines make this style suitable for school with strict dress code rules. This is one of the most versatile boys haircuts, accommodating to various styles and tastes. The top can be styled into either an undercut or messy texture for an eye-catching spiky look; side fades can range from skin, tapered, and burst fades; while long fringes add an elegant finishing touch to complete this timeless look.

5. Tousled

Boys with textured hair have stylish options available to them that create a more relaxed aesthetic. You could give him a pompadour haircut combed over to one side, making an eye-catching statement among his peers. If you want your son to sport a more casual appearance, a tousled style may be ideal. This classic surfer haircut looks fantastic on wavy locks and exudes beachy vibes. To create this look, use a styling clay product with natural elements for maximum movement and create a messy style with movement. It works best on wavy or curly hair but can also work for straight locks.

6. Long

If you want your child to appear smart and tidy, a comb back style can do the trick. This preppy faux hawk haircut works well on kids with various hair textures; while its wavy top adds volume. Furthermore, this look looks fantastic with a middle part as well as complementing their features beautifully. A fade haircut is ideal for boys looking for a stylish, clean, and easy maintenance option. Additionally, it gives them the freedom to experiment with longer locks while not needing as much upkeep. A drop fade with a quiff is an elegant and contemporary hairstyle for boys. Perfect for medium to thick hair types, this style helps lengthen oval or round faces while softening square ones.