Top 5 Boys Haircut Names

Side-Swept Bangs

Short haircuts featuring side-swept bangs make an excellent way to add natural face-framing effects to boys’ haircuts and can look fantastic with any school uniform since this style seems neat.


Quiffs are a trendy hairstyle that pairs perfectly with fades and taper cuts, creating an eye-catching modern style that can either be styled slick back or spiked up for maximum impact.

Hard Part

Complex parts like the classic crew cut add an elegant finishing touch to any haircut. They are particularly effective at helping taper thick locks for a more refined appearance. This style is ideal for boys with wavy hair, as it helps tame natural waves into a more classic look. Additionally, this hairdo works well with various other styles like the comb over or pompadour. This style is simple to manage and versatile enough for many occasions; wear it with a wide hard part for an eye-catching statement, or style it subtly with narrow complex details for more subtle styling options.

High Fade

A high fade is an innovative haircut style that features hair of various lengths blended in an intricate design, featuring shorter locks around the neck and ears with longer locks on top. It is ideal for boys who wish to remain fashionable while maintaining an orderly appearance. This boy’s haircut combines a high fade with a comb-over to create an eye-catching and contemporary style. It works well with various hair colors and can even be styled into a mohawk for an alternative style or brushed back for more of an understated appearance.

Drop Fade

There are various styles of fade haircuts, from taper and low fades to drop fades – but one style that stands out is the drop fade. Starting higher than a taper and gradually decreasing as it passes behind your ears, a drop fade gives your hair a rounded shape at the back. This unique shaping technique can set your cut apart from the cookie-cutter fades most men receive, adding character and flair. Bearded men who wish to maintain an elegant masculine appearance may benefit from having this particular haircut as it ensures regular visits with their barber for maintenance.

Bro Flow

This stylish look, once known as the hockey haircut but now more commonly called the bro flow, requires medium-length or longer hair with structure for best results. Perfect for men who exude confidence while showing no fear, such as Blake Shelton! Bro flow is informal, yet it can look polished when properly styled with pomade or wax. Gents with curly locks may find that wearing the style requires additional work to control its natural texture and ensure optimal styling results. Men with receding or thinning hairlines may feel insecure with this men’s hairstyle due to its pushback style, exposing their scalp. However, an advanced FUE hairline transplant may help conceal these issues.


Surfer hairstyles give off a casual, laidback vibe and are best suited for men with long or medium-length locks. To achieve this look, your tresses must be long enough to be swept back on one side; shorter waves may try out this style by adding texture and pomade for an aesthetically pleasing finish. This look is ideal for blond-haired people as the salty water from the ocean may fade their shade a shade or two lighter. Add bleach drops to your shampoo to combat this effect and maintain its color.


One of the most popular haircuts for boys, this style is an evolution of the classic mohawk. Typically featuring tapered sides and back hairlines with longer top lengths. A shag works great on all facial structures due to the varied sizes of its locks, creating an eye-catching framing effect. Shag can refer to carpets or rugs with dense, rough piles and those with unruly or disorganized locks. It may also refer to someone whose waves appear disordered. Name your desired haircut so your barber can better comprehend its purpose. An easily understandable name for it saves you time explaining the desired style.