Haircuts For Boys – How to Look Stylish and Cool in 2020

Haircuts for boys play a pivotal role in finding an appropriate style to suit them, no matter whether their locks are short or long. Various cutting techniques and cuts will give them an air of coolness while remaining stylish.

Mohawk Haircut for Boys with Long Hair:

If your child has long hair, a mohawk haircut might be ideal. Combining shaved sides and long locks at the top for an effortless style using hair styling products makes this style suitable for any event or special occasion.

Afro Haircuts for Boys:

Black men and boys can sport an iconic OG fro as a statement of independence from relaxers. Afros also represent the revolution and resistance that propelled the Black Power movement. Afro haircuts are one of the most accessible low-maintenance styles available today, making a statement without taking up much room in terms of styling time or maintenance costs. An afro is particularly suitable for shorter locks when combined with either a high skin fade, or a south side fade with line-up and line-up styling techniques.

The Stylish Mullet:

The mullet is back and as stylish as ever! The modern version incorporates French Crop and Fade techniques into its styling, providing a perfect style option for those wishing to keep their length while remaining stylish. If you have thick, unruly locks, consider opting for a short mullet with a high fade. This style will look particularly stunning on guys with curly locks.

Elegant Faux Hawk for Short Hair:

The Faux Hawk is an elegant way to wear short hair. A variation on the pompadour haircut, this look works particularly well when combined with a skin fade. However, regular grooming and strong holding spray or pomade are required to achieve this style. This textured faux hawk has a chic, chunky style perfect for formal and casual events.

Stylish Shaved Sides:

Shaved sides add an ultra-clean aesthetic to any hairstyle. If you have thick curls, try out a stylish neon pink Mohawk to show them off! This style also works well on wavy locks, allowing you to play around with texture on top. A classic medium fade suits virtually every face shape and hair type. Style it with an upswept pony, or add an edge by styling it with an unconventional zigzag design for added interest.

Innovative Cropped Bangs for Boys:

Cropped bangs offer an innovative twist to classic hairstyles, more commonly known as baby or fringe bangs. This short haircut grazes across the forehead to form an adorable fringe effect – creating an irresistibly playful style! Side bangs frame the face beautifully and look sophisticated when made up in a platinum blonde hue. This cute pixie style is excellent for anyone who wishes to look chic and fashionable! Add an edge to your pixie by incorporating a jagged undercut design. This quick way of adding texture can look great on most faces!

Flair and Character with Fringes:

Fringes can add flair and character to any look, whether short, simple, or more elaborate full curtain bangs. There’s sure to be a fringe style suitable for every hair texture and length; try adding baby light foils along your hairline and fringe while maintaining natural-looking balayage for the most flattering results.