Top 5 Boys 2020 Haircuts

Mohawk Fade

Mohawk fade haircuts for boys have long been one of the most fashionable choices, as they look good on almost all hair types and occasions. From punk and spiky styles to formal looks, this timeless cut makes an impressionful statement wherever it goes. This stylish hairstyle combines elements from three classic hairstyles into one eye-catching hairdo that kids will adore: classic mohawk, burst fade, and modern mullet. Additionally, this stylish look works well for boys with curly locks to achieve a polished look perfect for school or work environments.

Messy Spikes

This style gives boys a distinctive and fashionable look, perfect for casual or formal wear. Its spiky appearance gives a sophisticated appearance while remaining easy to style without too much upkeep required. The messy spikes hairstyle combines elements from both traditional crew cuts and spiky layers for an eye-catching and fashionable style. The top hair is styled upward, while its side profiles feature low fades that emphasize physical solid features. To achieve this style, apply gel to areas you want to spike and use your fingers or comb to push them upwards. For best results, it is best to do this when your hair is slightly damp,, as this simplifies styling.

Short Comb-Over

A classic and low-maintenance haircut for boys, a middle part is an effective way to frame your face and draw focus to your eyes. This style suits almost all hair textures and lengths, making it an excellent option for boys looking for something different. If you’re a boy with long hair, adding fringes could add an effortless charm. They make grooming effortless while looking chic without needing constant upkeep! A high fade haircut with a hard part is an attractive, masculine hairstyle that works well on different hair textures. The hard part features a clean line shaved into your locks for added definition to this stylish style.

Spiky Ivy League

If you want a classic preppy style, few haircuts can compete with the Ivy League cut for versatility and appeal. This timeless cut combines low fade with longer top length to achieve an irresistibly dapper style that works in formal and casual settings. Depending upon the size of your hair, you can style the top into various traditional styles like comb-over, quiff, or pompadour. A beard adds formality and creates a well-groomed appearance. The Ivy League haircut can also work well with curly locks; remember that additional maintenance and styling products may be needed to maintain it.

Fade Haircut for Thick hair with Cool Swept-Back Short Bangs

If your son wants a stylish yet neat appearance with longer locks on top, consider giving him a comb-over with a fade haircut. This style works well for boys looking for a defined look suitable for more formal settings. A high skin fade on the sides with a choppy fringe is another great way to make your boy’s hair stand out, creating lots of definition on top and easily styled into different textured looks like spikes. For something subtler and classier, a middle part can also be added for an attractive aesthetic.

Middle Parting

If your boy has long hair, consider opting for a taper fade haircut with a middle part. This stylish haircut is popular and works well with various styling products like gels and waxes – ideal for school settings since it is more conservative than the popular mop top but doesn’t appear unruly or messy. Middle parts with combovers can be an excellent way to emphasize boys with natural hair and highlight their facial structure. Be wary, however, as central parts may accentuate sharp features and make them appear more extensive than expected.

Faux Hawk Fade

Faux hawks are perfect for boys with thin hair, providing them with an edgy style they can personalize easily to meet their personal styling needs. The faux hawk style features an undercut fade and hard part on top, which pairs nicely with a quiff. To style it properly, use strong products such as pomade or wax on damp hair to mold it from its ridges upward. Black boys can join in the popular trend by opting for a mohawk haircut with skin fade on both sides and a textured mohawk at the top. This look will look stylish yet easy to maintain during summer days!