How to Style Boy Waves Hair

Successful waves require time and dedication. You need the proper styling products, use a wave brush on your locks, and wear a durag or silk cap at night to keep the waves in place.

Choose the Right Style

Style works best on people with either wavy or curly locks, and must be done consistently every day; for instance, brush your hair multiple times daily and use hair grease/gel or wax to lock in its pattern. Shorter on the sides and longer on the top.

Extra Care for Wavy Hair

Wavy hair requires extra special care to show off its waves and curls, and short sides and longer top will do just that. A mid fade with a quiff is the ideal combination for this style – effortlessly stylish yet effortless to maintain! To keep this style looking its best you should get it cut every 3-4 weeks; in addition you should use texture-building products daily to add volume and hold to ensure long-term wearability of the style. Make sure your barber or stylist recommends matte clay as part of a home care plan so it stays looking its best over time!

Classic and Low Maintenance Look

A tight fade with a long top is classic and low maintenance for boys who want to maintain an immaculate appearance. This style will help avoid an unruly look while increasing confidence levels.

Texturizing hair Product

Texturizing hair products are great tools to maintain beachy and relaxed waves when your boy waves are starting to recede. Like sea salt sprays, texturizing products absorb excess oil while helping maintain the shape of curls and waves. Use one on damp hair, scrunch it, then mist with more defined waves using braiding your locks before misting with texturizing product and leaving braided locks overnight before taking them out and spraying again – the result will be more voluminous, mermaid-esque waves!

Brushing for Optimal Results

For optimal results when styling boy waves hair, brushing should occur twice daily. This will help the waves form naturally on your head without falling out and keeps them pressed down during sleep. A durag or wave cap may also help.

Choose the Right Brush

When brushing your hair, opt for a two-sided wave brush made of boar bristles instead of synthetic ones for easier and safer brushing. Boar bristles are much softer and won’t tear or damage your locks like synthetic bristles can do.

Proper Brushing Technique

Before brushing your hair, start by washing with shampoo specifically made for boys and applying a dime-to-nickel-sized amount of pomade. Next, locate your cowlick or natural point of origin and start brushing from there – be careful not to create lines as that will ruin the wave pattern! When finished, wear a durag or wave cap at home and in bed both times; make sure you bring along your wave brush so it can be maintained throughout the day.

Blow Drying for Longer Hair

Maintain the look of boy wave hair as it grows using a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to spread out air to boost curls and minimize frizz. Be sure to brush around your cowlick to avoid creating lines where the waves meet, before using any pomade or style gel that works for you to hold in place your wavy top and complete this swaggering style in formal settings. For added drama and boldness, try pairing this style with high skin fade sides – creating even bolder looks than before!