Top 5 Casual Boy Haircuts for 2018

What started off as a TikTok trend among Gen Z boys has evolved into an iconic style for both casual and trendy looks alike. Simply put, it is a low-maintenance buzz cut that looks good with most hair types.

Classic Pompadour

This classic pompadour style features an elevated skin fade and hook part for added drama, while its textured crop blends from top to bottom beautifully. Perfect for school-age boys and easy to style using light pomade, this striking hairstyle works well as part of any professional hairdo.

Taper Fade with Comb-Over

A sleek taper fade pairs nicely with a versatile comb-over that can be styled slick and voluptuous with the appropriate hair products. This signature style boasts a low fade with the hard part that leaves lots of weight on top to manage pompadour, making this hairstyle an easy choice for guys wanting to show off their sharp look, yet easy to maintain with regular barber visits.

Faux Hawk Fade

A variation on the classic crew cut, this style uses a hard part to emphasize the center section of hair. This look works well on most boys and requires very minimal upkeep; you can add a lineup for an updated appearance. Plus, it’s ideal for creating comb-overs, mohawks or blowouts!

Textured Mohawk

A timeless haircut for boys that never goes out of fashion. A variation on a crew cut, featuring a hard part with a lineup on either side. Requiring regular maintenance but looking great, this look stands out among its peers while remaining unique enough for any boy wanting to stand out from the pack.

Casual Fringe with Tapered Sides

This stylish hairstyle is ideal for boys looking to experiment with more daring and unique looks without going too extreme. Combining more conservative layers on top with eccentric-looking shaved sides creates a balanced style sure to turn heads!

Textured Spiky Sides

Men with short hair can still sport spikes with this textured style. The middle part is shaved for a sleek appearance while the top section features thick strands swept off to one side for an eye-catching thick and voluminous effect.