4 Boys Hair Cutting Pics to Freshen Up Your Kid’s Look

Boys’ haircuts can be an excellent way to lift your son’s appearance, whether he prefers a messy top or sleek side part – endless styles and options are available! This style exudes rocker vibes and will help him feel like an A-List celebrity! Easy maintenance with just some styling gel.

Short sides, long top

For an eye-catching style, short-side long-top boys’ haircuts are an easy solution to achieve vibrant looks while providing easy maintenance. In addition, this haircut works great for creating texture-driven styles such as spikes or knots. This hairstyle is ideal for boys who wish to express themselves through fashion. The sides are cut short, while the top features a punk-inspired style sure to turn heads. This haircut is an ideal compromise between wearing their hair long and having it neat for school while still having enough length for fun and looking their best. Kids of all ages look great sporting this style!

Messy mullet

A less formal variation on the classic mullet, this style features longer locks falling into wings behind the neck. Though more untidy than its counterpart, this look still conveys a cool punk aesthetic. This mullet features rough, thick strands that pair nicely with its faded sides and faded fadeout sides, creating an authentic 90s hockey haircut look with some movement. It is an excellent style choice for long-haired individuals looking for added action. Messy doesn’t have to mean chaotic; this mullet proves it. The top is styled into jagged spikes for an orderly appearance, while its sides feature buzz cuts with roughed-up ends for a rugged aesthetic.

Side parted quiff fade.

This cut offers a stylish alternative to the classic quiff. Featuring a high fade that draws attention away from the long top and short bangs, this style works beautifully on boys of any hair type and requires little maintenance. When visiting your barber, tell them you would like a close shave on the sides and back, with 3″ left in length on top. This style is ideal for boys who love wearing their hair long but need it school-appropriate. It can easily be styled using matte clay for a neater look or a high-shine pomade for a more classic flair.

Long side swept bangs.

If your kid has yet to outgrow a long hairstyle, he might like this side-swept bangs look. It looks chic and can easily be updated with styling gel or wax for daily refreshment – perfect for boys who must adhere to school dress codes! This look is ideal for boys with medium-length haircuts. The textured fringes on top seamlessly transition into neatly cut sides to create a modern and fashionable style that’s easy to maintain. A blunt fade completes this stylish ensemble!

Long curly hair

Curly hair can be challenging to manage, but it can produce a unique, bouncy style that will set your kid’s haircut apart. To start cutting curly locks on children, first, create a guide cut – hold back a small section of their top hair between your fingers as a reference point and use that as the starting point for cutting. This style is ideal for kids who wish to keep their hair long without opting for a messy look, featuring an adorable fringe on the front and clean-shaved sides.