Cool Boy Haircuts 2020

Cool boy haircuts will turn heads with their short, spiky strands, complex parts, and line designs that make these trendy cuts sure to stand out. Furthermore, they’re easy to style for daily wear with assistance from a styling product.

Taper Fades on the Sides and Back

Taper fades on the sides and back are an elegant boys’ hairstyle easily styled for any event with gel or pomade. This style works best on medium to thick hair.

Mid Fade with Textured Top

A mid-fade haircut with a textured top is a sleek and fashionable trend. For short hair, this style can be styled in various ways for added dimension; add even more texture using texturizing styling products! This style features a mid-fade highlighting texture and volume in its top layer. Furthermore, its lineup adds detail that further elevates its look.

Long on Top Side Part

Boys with long locks may benefit from a side-swept haircut as it makes an eye-catching style statement in school settings. While easy to maintain, this look requires daily styling with holding spray or pomade. For a modern take on this look, have your boy’s stylist fade the sides to the skin around his ears and nape before leaving him with more length up top. This style looks sharp yet sleek, allowing him to express himself by pushing back or adding fringes if he wishes.

Textured Pompadour

Consider opting for a textured pompadour instead of the more conventional style to express your personality and stay on trend. Perfect for men with naturally thick or full locks, this style version features more ruggedness while being less time-consuming to maintain than its classic version. Pairing this look with a side part creates an elegant yet laid-back ensemble, perfect for casual business meetings or an everyday stroll around town. To give it extra shine, use high-shine pomade; use texturizing clay or paste instead for matte texture.

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk (commonly referred to as a fohawk) is similar to a Mohawk in that both styles feature less contrast between sides and top. This style works well on men with medium to thick hair. To cut a faux hawk properly, leave some length in the middle strip and gradually lengthen each layer upward from shorter to longer. Actress Samira Wiley can be seen here sporting an elegant long windblown fohawk haircut featuring a high fade and spiky fringe. To recreate this look, gently comb back the sides before randomly spiking the top part using hair gel. This look is both dramatic and stylish!

Shaved Sides

Young boys and teens looking for new styling possibilities, such as spiked spikes, can opt for a short undercut with shaved sides for maximum experimentation. This style works on many hair types and can be styled using gels and pastes for different looks. A classic crew cut with shaved sides is tidy and fashionable, perfect for keeping any eye neat and chic. The top can be styled up or down, and styling gel can provide all-day hold if necessary. This style also makes an excellent option for boys who love their looks and are who need more time to be ready to embrace long locks.

Taper Fade

Temple fades are the perfect way for guys to add preppy style. Choose from classic Harvard cuts or something unique like this wavy top taper fade. Assigning the proper label to each class can be daunting. A taper creates a gradual transition; conversely, a fade is when your barber cuts your hair short down to the skin. Low taper fades are versatile cuts that work well with many styles – from textured fringes and complex parts to slicked-back undercuts and even slick back styles. This type of fade works particularly well on guys with naturally wavy or curly locks.