How to Style Box Braids

Box braids have an incredible history in culture. A protective style with rich roots that has long been worn as a protective style by women from various walks of life and classes alike, box braids can express both femininity and daringness – this Janet Jackson-inspired look worn by model and content creator Camri Hewie is an example.

Once your braids are loose, styling them can become much more straightforward. Just be wary not to overstyle, as overdoing it may cause additional wear and tear on the hair that could result in faster loss of braids. Pull loose box braids into a high ponytail for an effortless look and secure with a silk scrunchie to avoid frizz or tangles. This look is simple – ideal for everyday casual styles. As fashion and lifestyle content creator Joyjah Estrada of Fashionista does, for an eye-catching take on a classic ponytail look, release some loose strands around your face to frame it before adding face and hair gems for an added dose of shimmer.

If you enjoy wearing your hair up, box braids in a high ponytail are an easy and low-maintenance way to add length and frame your face. Doing something fun and unique with box braids is easy when adding color. One trendy idea involves long and small box braids dyed a vibrant blonde hue – or you could try something bolder like dark red for an eye-catching contrast! Discuss tension levels when installing box braids with your stylist; overly tight styles can cause breakage. Also, use Nexxus Styling Mousse Plus after washing for added shine and healthiness!

An elegant high ponytail is an effortless way to elevate box braids. This look is quick and easy to create, but it will reduce styling time significantly. Tip: For optimal results when wearing a ponytail with box braids, select hair elastics with no metal or exposed rubber parts that may snag your braids. Also, remember to apply moisturizer after every wash to avoid dryness and frizziness. Keep your look current by sweeping your braids to one side for an effortless yet chic style that embodies your sultry vibe. Use Dove Style Care Flexible Hold Hairspray to control flyaways and loose strands for best results.

Take on your coquette side with sweet milkmaid braids! Achieve this look simply with a neck-length braid crop and straightening using TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Defense Serum heat protectant. Pair your braids with a long white scarf like fashion blogger Aysha Sow did here for an alternative twist. Make your high ponytail sleeker by combining two front braids into one big knot, hiding elastic, with this elegant box braid idea. Add pop with gold-toned chokers.

If you intend on wearing box braids for an extended period, they must receive proper care. Moisturize them regularly and avoid washing them too frequently, as too much exposure to water could cause them to dry out and lose shape. Bring elegance to any look by styling your braids into an elegant high ponytail. This look looks beautiful on any girl and is ideal for anyone who wishes to keep their locks up while still looking glamorous. Storm Reid loves this fun box braid hairstyle. To achieve it, she wrapped several strands from her braids around the base of her ponytail for an adorable finish.

Large braids make quite the statement! Depending on their length, they may reach widths as wide as a Crayola marker or a large Sharpie pen. Before installation, ensure all strands are pristinely clean and adequately conditioned – box braids require regular attention to remain in top shape! This look showcases a striking brown shade that complements deep skin tones well, but you could switch up the colors for something bolder that stands out in a crowd. Experienced stylists may suggest playing around with different pin positions when pinning braids to achieve a stylish updo or even half-updo style.