5 Box Braids Hairstyles That Show Off Your Personality

Box braids are an effortless, hassle-free protective style to maintain, accommodating various levels of thickness and length. Their adaptable nature means they can also be styled into different looks to showcase your individuality.

High Ponytail

A high ponytail shows off the chic box braids tucked inside its core, adding a sleek finish. This stylish look will last longer than loose braids that may fall out later.

Caramel Blonde Braids

Blonde box braids offer the perfect solution for those who desire the blonde hue but wish to avoid dyeing their natural locks this way. By creating long and thin braids with Jumbo or Kanekalon fibers and decorating them with beads, you can achieve this look without risking ripping out strands of your tresses.

Long, Sleek Braids with Curly Ends

Long box braids with curly ends are an effortless look for a chic boho style. This hair idea features thin goddess braids decorated with cords and cuffs for an accessory-friendly look, making this hairstyle easy to recreate and a great way to test out new colors without being too bold.

Side French Braid

Call it what you will – be it a braided headband, crown, or side French braid – but this stylish hairstyle makes an adorable statement on second-day hair, leaving stunning waves once undone. To achieve it, start with an extreme side part and weave in strands from each side into the middle; repeat this process until reaching the end of your locks, and secure with clear elastic.

High Ponytail

An effortlessly cute ponytail can instantly elevate your look. Ideal for days when you want to feel stylish yet casual simultaneously, this updo makes an excellent statement without breaking your budget!

Side Braid

When you have long, thick locks that reach from your back to your shoulders, a romantic side braid is one of the best ways to show them off. Adding flowers or other embellishments makes your side braid even more eye-catching, perfect for summer events and special occasions!

Box braids are an increasingly popular protective style in the natural hair community. If you decide to invest in them, ensure you find a stylist experienced with installing this style safely and correctly.