Box Braids With Curly Hair

Box braids are an increasingly popular protective hairstyle. Easy to style, box braids look great with curly locks. However, it would help if you found an experienced stylist when opting for this style.

To extend the lifespan of your braids, ensure they’re regularly washed and treated with a hydrating product such as Black Vanilla’s Sacred Tiare.

Easy to Make

Box braids are stylish protective hairstyles that can be worn in many different ways. Additionally, they’re easily made at home, so you’ll save money on salon services – making this option particularly suitable for people with thick natural hair who may find braiding more challenging than expected.

Start by brushing through and stretching out clean and stretched hair. Add shine n jam liberally along the bottom horizontal line before boxing out smaller sections vertically using your rat tail comb; each team should be more significant than before without becoming too close together.

Once your braiding session is over, moisturize and seal your braids to help prevent frizzing and keep them soft and smooth for as long as possible. Be mindful of hair growth; adjust braids when necessary to accommodate it. Try TRESemme Fresh