Accessorizing For Bohemian Hair

Girls with long hair can try styling it into a messy top knot or textured chignon tied with a scarf for a bohemian vibe – both are equally effective on girls with shorter cuts like pixie cuts. This style is effortless in appearance, featuring braids, twists, and free-flowing strands that come together into an ombre effect. Perfect for music festivals or spring/summer weddings.


At the core of bohemian style are braids – an integral element that adds texture and depth. Wearable in various ways – fishtail braids, twisted and pin up as part of a textured chignon/bun, pulled apart or worn loose and messy are just a few ways they can add a unique aesthetic. No matter the braided style you select, the goal should always be achieving a natural and flowing appearance. This can be accomplished by applying texture spray or dry shampoo prior to braiding for added volume and soft waves in your locks. Braids are an integral component of many bohemian wedding styles, such as Zoe Kravitz’s signature gypsy braids. To achieve them, divide your hair into four equal sections before braiding by flipping over one section with each passing flip until reaching the end. Secure it all with a hair elastic for added security!


Trying a weaving style will add an unexpected element to your boho look and is especially suitable for those with longer locks. Plus, its braided updo gives it a unique flair. To achieve this look, pull back two sections of hair from just above the ears and braid them before pancakeing them to create an antiquity-inspired style. For added dimension you could twist and pin strands around your face or twist and pin braided sections of hair backwards for additional dimension. At any music festival, this hairstyle will set you apart. It is an effective way to showcase both your free spirit and natural beauty. Just be sure to use detangler regularly to prevent frizzing and damage, sleeping with a satin scarf or bonnet over braids overnight, and not submerging them in hot water as this could damage them over time. With proper products and care, this boho look should last weeks to months!


Headbands are essential components of the boho chic look. From basic cotton bandannas to those featuring embroidery and fringe details, there’s a style perfect for every event from festivals to holiday parties; you can wear yours either loosely draped over your shoulders or in a ponytail! Some prefer their bandanna resting about half an inch away from their hairline while others like to place it further back on their heads. For an authentic 90s look, experiment with adding an embellished hairband as seen on Bella Hadid or lace headband to short, sleek back hair. Both styles will bring romance into your look – making this style ideal for Boho-chic or vintage weddings!


Scarves are essential pieces for completing any boho look. Available in all shapes, sizes and materials from wool to cashmere and alpaca; plus they come in an array of colors! When searching for one make sure it feels soft against your skin while complimenting the outfit – either by blending in or drawing attention away from it. Scarves are versatile accessories that can be worn multiple ways to add an element of bohemian style to formal wear. Wrapping it around your neck or using it as a headband are just two possibilities; scarves can even add a bohemian vibe!