How to Use a Body Hair Razor

Body hair razors offer an easy and comfortable way to eliminate unwanted body hair. Typically featuring slightly larger blades than standard safety razors and multiple attachments explicitly designed for specific body areas, these devices allow users to rid themselves of unsightly body fuzz effortlessly. For example, the MARLOWE features fine teeth for precise shaving and an adjustable pivoting head to conform to body contours – two features we feel make it our pick as the ideal body hair trimmer.


Armpits can be a susceptible area. Shaving this area may result in razor burn and bumps, so for optimal results,, a body hair trimmer that features adjustable guard lengths is recommended. Maintaining clean and trimmed pits is good for hygiene and can help decrease body odor. Armpit hair traps sweat that produces bacteria that create an offensive scent; studies have demonstrated that those who removed or kept their pit hair short experienced less body odor than others. If you plan to shave your armpits, it is recommended that you do so after taking a bath or shower, as this will soften and slipperier your skin so the razor can cut more efficiently without irritating delicate skin. Applying moisturizer may also help decrease sensitized areas; moisturizing cream or oil may further lessen their sensitivity, and you should wait a few minutes before applying deodorant to avoid chemical irritation from its chemicals.

Neck and Upper Shoulders

Trimming can be an effective solution if your neck and shoulders have become overgrown. Create a generous lather, and run your safety razor down your spine gently while covering larger areas before going over more minor spots to ensure nothing was missed. While shaving with rather than against hair growth won’t create the closest possible shave, doing so will prevent ingrown hairs that appear as five-o’clock shadows on the chest. Those prone to nicking should consider opting for trimmers with foil elements blades, as these can be more effective at capturing hairs that would usually pass by standard blades. They’re also easier to use, working around curves and angles of your body – perfect for sensitive areas like your groin and armpits.


Armpits can be sensitive, and shaving with a dull blade can result in razor burn. An electric shaver may help avoid this risk while speeding up the process. When shaving underarms, it is also advised to use a moisturizing lubricant such as shaving gel or cream to soften and minimize the risk of cuts or nicks. Rinsing your blade after each stroke helps clear away shaving gel residue, hairs, or dead skin that accumulates on it. As for trimming, for optimal underarm appearance,, you should cut them every two weeks. This will not only maintain their look and prevent sweat glands from overproducing odor but can also block sweat glands that produce it. When excessive hair grows under your arms, it is known as “hirsutism”, and may be caused by hormonal imbalances or certain medicines like anabolic steroids; or simply by age and genetics.

Bikini Line

Shaving is an ideal solution for this area as it’s quick, inexpensive, efficient, and (when done correctly) relatively painless. To create an even bikini line, you should regularly trim, and use an exfoliator or shave gel that minimizes razor burn, ingrown hairs, and dry skin around your pubic area. Cosmo suggests trying the French wax, which transforms your pubic area into “an area resembling the landing strip of a black tuxedo jacket.” A Brazilian wax goes one step further by eliminating all hair above and in front of (and sometimes behind). No matter which option you select, always shave toward hair growth to prevent ingrown hairs and related problems like rashes or itchy, flaky skin. Moisturize after shaving or waxing to maintain soft and supple skin.