How to Style a Bobo HairStyle

A bobo hairstyle is an adaptable haircut that can be styled in many different ways. Ranging from long and layered, short and straight, or even a combination thereof – there is sure to be one perfect for every face shape!

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness is a big advocate of this beauty trend, recently sharing a snap featuring his jaw-length bob. Fans praised its look as “absolutely stunning” and “beautiful.”

Dome Bob

As its name implies, this bob hairstyle resembles a dome. The narrow crown of the head is balanced out with wider curved ends and shorter fringes for an overall balance. This look works best on women with angular faces and texturized hair.

The History of the Bob HairStyle

As an iconic symbol of independence and progress, the bob was famous during the women’s suffrage movement and rising feminism of the 1920s. It is ideal for those with thick, long, or medium-length hair, and its versatility makes it perfect for women looking for chic hairstyles.

Versatile hair Extensions

hair extensions offer endless styling possibilities and perfectly suit any face shape, from smooth and rounded styles to choppy layers. Plus, they can be styled in soft finishes such as blowouts or product spraying for more lived-in styles! When worn smooth, they look effortless, while with layers, they provide depth and drama or add blonde highlights for a pop of color and drama! Plus, they are easy to maintain while suiting all face shapes perfectly!

Messy Bob

If your naturally wavy locks are an effortless expression of their beauty, a messy bob is an effortless way to showcase it. Texturizing pomade makes this style effortless by molding piece strands into more cohesive structures with precision. Pair your messy bob with a deep side part and curls around the face for a classic and feminine look that is easy to style and manage.

Jonathan Van Ness’s Sultry Messy Bob

Jonathan Van Ness is one of many stars who recently discovered the benefits of this versatile shoulder-length cut, a bob. Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness shared a photo of her sultry yet messy bob with fans on Instagram and was instantly met with compliments for it – deep side part, choppy waves, blonde hue, and deep side part give this rocker chic bob an irresistibly adorable edge that draws compliments from fans and followers. Additionally, its versatile nature means it works well with high or low highlights to enhance natural features while adding personality – adding high or low highlights makes this hairstyle even more beautiful than before, and balayage treatments will further adorn its potential.

Straight Bob

With a chin-length straight bob, you can achieve an elegant style. This cut can be worn with, or without bangs and suits, most face shapes well. For something different and eye-catching, add side-swept fringe for some edge to this cute short hairstyle!

Layered Bobs with Bangs

Layered bobs with bangs can add extra character and further emphasize facial features. While this style works on all hair types, its particular benefit lies with women with thin or delicate strands due to the layers adding volume between each strand.

Brunette Bob with Ombre Highlights

This gorgeous bob haircut looks exquisite on brunette locks. The ombre highlights add depth and dimension, creating an effortlessly beautiful style. Plus, the textured and stacked layers in this adorable chin-length bob add texture and volume for added volume and texture – ideal for business-ready looks or women who want their hair to look sleek.

Layered Bob

If you want a chic look, this layered bob is just needed to complete it. Its chin-grazing length provides the ideal frame for your face while adding gorgeous texture to your locks. Complemented by its deep side part and long feathered fringes, this style creates a feminine yet bold appearance – add pastel blonde highlights for an additional breezy sun-kissed feel!

Shoulder-Length Layered Bob with Choppy Surface Layers

While this bob may appear all one length, its clever layering creates a natural curve that flatters most face shapes. Furthermore, its movement and texture add an elegant finish. For something bolder, try this shoulder-length layered bob with choppy surface layers; its long fringes offer face-framing action while the lighter ash blonde highlights enhance eye color highlighting! This style is ideal for anyone wanting short locks while still wanting plenty of face-framing action!