How to Style a Bobcat Hairstyle

This bobcat hairstyle is ideal for anyone looking to make a bold statement and exude confidence. The unique layers on both the crown and bang add an exciting flair. Any face shape can pull off this layered look, though heart and oval face shapes make a good match for it. Additionally, this style works well with all hair textures; medium-density natural straight locks work best to recreate this style.


Although bobs have been around for some time, this style stands out due to its layers. Similar to the wolf cut (as worn by Miley Cyrus and Gen Z star Billie Eilish in 2020 and 2021, respectively) and a shorter version of a mullet cut, it features lots of short pieces that “stack” at their ends for a more natural and feminine appearance than straight blunt cuts. Soft waves or curtain bangs further heighten its femininity and flirtatious charm. Though short, layered haircuts require additional maintenance effort, the results can be spectacular. Try adding texture pieces with salt spray on damp hair before blowing it out, or opt for the sleek finish of a straight bob with face-framing bangs and wax pomade. Additionally, these styles fit girls with wavy locks; use the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to scrunch as you dry for your desired volume and shape!


Kaia Gerber has helped bring back chin-length bobs with bangs into fashion’s mainstream, giving this look newfound attention and popularity. This layered style is soft, flattering, and easily customized with various textures and colors for maximum impact – perfect if you have round or oval face shapes, as it frames cheekbones and jawlines with femininity. Longer-haired ladies should consider opting for a more structured chin-length bob, which will create the same effect seen here on Jourdan Dunn. This piece cut features fluffier locks than its traditional counterpart and should look fantastic against thick locks. Try texturizing spray and dry shampoo to achieve this look and achieve the same effect on Jourdan Dunn. Add dimension and interest to your bob with an easy fringe with wispy points for instant eye-catching style. Straight across bangs might not be for you; curtain bangs or pining back the hair may also work!


If you want to add flair to your bob, consider working with its natural texture. Doing so allows for either an undone or sleek finish, depending on what suits you best. This model went for an unfinished style featuring messy curls and side bangs, adding femininity and flirtatiousness. Alternatively, straighter textures may benefit from styling using a sleek blowout by prepping damp hair with salt spray before using a diffuser attachment while drying to create more volume and create volume in their style. For those hesitant to commit to a textured bob, this model shows how to achieve a polished version with soft face-framing layers. She suggests using styling pomade or hair oil for subtle shine before adding texture pieces – or prepping your locks with beachy texture spray and scrunching while drying for similar results.


Not limited to those with straight locks, the bobcat cut can look chic no matter its texture. Wavy, curly, fluffier versions than traditional bobs also look stylish when styled appropriately. Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish both use diffusers or styling wands to soften their looks, while Alfre Woodard goes for blowouts with round brushes for sleek, straight “bobcat” haircuts. You could add piece-y texture with wax pomade at the ends or tousle with your fingers for a casual style that emphasizes face shape and a unique appearance that gives an unforgettable impression! This cut is sure to stand out in any crowd!