Bobby Pin Hairstyles

The bobby pin trend shows no signs of diminishing; it seems bolder than ever! An attractive deep side part is highlighted with larger bobby pins arranged in an X shape to complete its unique and creative appearance on prismatic-colored hair. Make bobby pins more functional as hair accessories by painting them with nail polish in vibrant colors for a striking and relaxed look.

1. Low Bun with Exposed Bobby Pins

Bobby pins don’t just need to remain out-of-sight; they can make an eye-catching statement, too. Erin Ryser displays this beautifully by adding exposed fasteners into a low bun style for an eye-catching look. This style works great on hair of any length or texture; mist some texturizer onto your locks before adding bobby pins for additional grip. For a more intricate version, larger pins in an X shape and extra details throughout your crown can add extra dimension. Or try creating a crisscross pattern as demonstrated on Freepeople for even more significant impact – it’s easy and adorable!

2. Side-Swept Curls

Bobby pins have long been a necessity in my life (I still use them today!), but they don’t just need to remain hidden behind your hair – they can become style accessories by creating beautiful patterns with them! Silver bobby pins add an eye-catching detail to an otherwise simple pastel braid, as seen here. Additionally, these versatile pins can be arranged into intricate designs to add extra visual interest, such as this beauty’s example placing three curvy jumbo bobby pins into an eye-catching triangle feature at the top of her head, as well as creating an adorable chevron look down each side of her head. If you want to show off your bobby pins, try intertwining two in a V formation for extra strength and to keep styles in place. This can also serve as an attractive accent piece!

3. Upside-Down V

Add an extra touch to your hairstyle with this clever bobby pin trick: cross two in a V shape to give a casual finger part or create a structured center part for more structured use. This method also covers any bumps in your scalp while smoothing straggly strands of hair that might otherwise cause trouble. Crisscross bangs can also help keep cracks in place without wearing them down to your face. To achieve the style, use either regular pins with ridged on one side and flat on the other bobby pins from Goody’s explicitly designed to achieve this look – or better still, choose a pack of Goody bobby pins explicitly intended to create this effect; Goody offers some bags designed specifically to hold thicker strands securely all day long. Milabu, a beauty influencer, suggests locking pins so they don’t come loose in her tutorial video on YouTube.

4. Snowflake

Bobby pins should ideally remain invisible; however, you don’t have to limit yourself from making an impressionful statement with them! Affixing pearl hair pins to blonde locks is a fantastic way to add feminine charm and create a boho aesthetic. “Snowflake” was a derogatory term against young people who were easily offended and less resilient than older generations. Chuck Palahniuk is widely credited with popularizing this stereotype in Fight Club (1996 book and 1999 movie adaptation), including this line: “You are not unique snowflakes that will never be offended again. You do not exist as special.” In 2017, liberals have been seen as oversensitive and lacking resilience when responding to conservative viewpoints.

5. Braids

Bobby pins may be one of the first hair accessories you own (tbt to pinning back your bangs for soccer practice), but don’t use this mini accessory to keep your locks in place; use it as an accent piece! Wedged vertically into your braid, the rounded end of a bobby pin can add an intriguing design element. This style works exceptionally well when worn alongside fishtail or side-swept braid styles. An artful arrangement of bobby pins can create an intricate X pattern to show off the beauty of your hair color and highlight metallic or embellished pins. Even though its placement may appear random, its resultant effects give this hairstyle its distinct charm.