5 Trendy Ways to Style Your Bob Updos

Low Bun

A classic low bun is a timeless and elegant updo that works for any special occasion. Upgrade with braided details or fun twists, and add flowers or other embellishments for added character.

Low Twisted Bun

This Pinterest-worthy updo is perfect for exuding effortless chic. It combines a romantic halo braid and low bun, making it suitable for various face shapes. Try adding side-swept bangs for an edgy yet sophisticated style.

Inverted Updo

This intricate updo is ideal for formal events and requires minimal effort. Create a pouf on the crown, secure smaller buns with bobby pins, and finish with hairspray. It can soften face shapes and work well for wavy bobs.

Curls and Braids

Long box braids paired with curls add volume and glamour. Use string or yarn to tie sections for well-defined curls. This style suits special occasions and allows you to show your individuality.

Low Ponytail

The low ponytail is an elegant and contemporary hairstyle that works with curly or wavy locks. Secure your strands at the nape of your neck and add embellishments like chain jewelry for a fashionable finish. You can also add texture or wisps of hair around your face for different effects.