Hairstyles For Short Hair

Layered Bob for an Effortlessly Tousled Look

– An easy and low-maintenance style

– Opt for a layered bob for a timeless and tousled look

– Long peek-a-boo bangs and flyaways add dimension

– Ask your stylist to sculpt the bob for an attractive shape

Chin-Length Layered Bob for Jawlines and Cheekbones

– Emphasize strong jawlines and cheekbones

– Slim down longer necks and conceal high foreheads

– Speak to your stylist about layer placement for best results

– Add finely chopped layers for texture and volume

Layered Bob with Long Fringes for an Alluring and Feminine Look

– Frame the face, perfect for high foreheads

– Use volumizing products for added texture

– Choose from orchid fuchsia or white pastel shades for a splash of color

Asymmetrical Bob with Longer Sides and Pink Tips

– Innovative style without compromising length

– Ideal for showcasing individuality

– Works best on thick hair with highlights and dark roots

– Straight or curled for added volume and texture

– Flattering on black hair, suits any face shape

Short Asymmetrical Layered Bob for Drama and Movement

– Ideal for fine hair textures

– Creates volume and movement with choppy, textured layers

– Face-framing highlights for eye-catching color

Irregular Bob with Angle and Long Curtain Bangs

– Make a statement with an uneven cut

– Longer layers on one side, long curtain bangs

– Dramatic and stylish, suits all face shapes and hair types

– Add face-framing highlights for versatility

Textured Bob for Different Face Shapes

– Flattering on round faces and slimming for oval-shaped faces

– Works beautifully on heart-shaped faces

– Straight bobs for business casual styling

Asymmetrical Straight Bob with Undercut for Edge and Femininity

– Fashionable and easy to maintain

– Add face-framing fringe for a feminine edge

– Add vertical medium golden blonde highlights for impact