Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long Bob Hairstyles

Long bob hairstyles exude timeless, professional appeal – ideal for older ladies and working professionals. Create an eye-catching blond highlight look, or opt for more subdued hues, such as this silver side-parted bob with subtle ombre highlights. Add texture and loose curls for an edgy look with light texturizing mist, one of Gillen’s go-to looks to highlight long bobs. “This style is cool, sophisticated, and edgy all simultaneously.”

A-Line Bob

Long bobs featuring blunt cuts with stacked layers look both chic and sophisticated, made even more so by featuring heavy side parts or luxurious waves to soften its overall structure. If waves aren’t your style, opt for a smooth bob haircut with layered bangs instead. It’s an ideal solution for women who prefer something simpler while still wanting an eye-catching hairstyle. Combining rich brown hair colors and an A-line bob is perfect for beautiful and glamorous results, reminiscent of Bloomsbury girls and flappers from the 1920s. Victoria Beckham made her signature cut a graduated or inverted bob – also known as an inverted or graduated bob because the front becomes longer than the back – part of her trademark look as an ex-Spice Girl. A graduated bob can help thick or fine hair appear fuller by creating volume at the crown while accentuating facial features, and it works best when worn with medium warm tones such as honey blonde.

No-Fuss Bob

Shoulder-length hair can make for an excellent bob cut no matter its texture – whether straight or curly! As it sits between long and short styles, shoulder length is ideal for most women and provides easy ways to add texture for styling purposes. Layers are a popular way to elevate a classic bob, as they help lighten thicker strands while adding volume to thin ones. Paired with chestnut highlights, this look creates an alluring ribbon effect. A-line bob, also called an inverted or graduated bob, is another trendy style option. This classic bob cut variation features longer front than back pieces for an elegant, slightly pointed shape. For something less dramatic, you could even opt for a blunt A-line bob, which looks stunning with any hair color! You could style yours with bangs that sweep across your forehead for added sophistication.

Lazy-Girl Waves

Join in the lazy-girl trend with a wavy bob cut! Wavy hair adds texture and volume to fine strands, creating beachy summer waves or chic retro curls, that look effortless yet put together. Ask your stylist for a layered wavy shag or waved cropped bob with face-framing layers or Redken’s Volume-Fuel Spray ($32) or Philip B’s Maui Wowie Beach Mist ($30), both texture-enhancing formulas explicitly designed to recreate this style. If you love experimenting with color, a long wavy bob is an excellent length to showcase your balayage or ombre highlights. Choose a platinum blonde shade for an eye-catching finish, or subtler blends like soft ombre blends for an understated finish.

Asymmetrical Bob

One-length jaw-grazing bobs are great for fine hair but can become unbalanced and unattractive on thicker locks. Consider adding shape and balance through an asymmetrical stacked bob to restore balance with these styles on thicker locks. This stunning style is ideal for women with medium to thick strands who desire an added dose of texture, as it offers an easy way to elevate their look without adding too much length and works great with every face shape. Add a dynamic side-swept bang or full frontal bangs for added impact in your stacked asymmetrical bob. The combination of this cut with full bangs will frame your face beautifully. For an eye-catching yet classic look, pair your long asymmetrical bob with a striking silver hair color for maximum effect. This shade will highlight your choppy strands’ uneven pattern while making you stand out. Or go for rich chocolate brown as another versatile hue that works well across a range of skin tones.