Different Bob Cut Haircuts For Different Face Shapes

A bob cut is an iconic hairstyle that can be styled to suit every individual, from blunt chin-grazing bobs to textured ones with bangs – there’s sure to be one perfect for you! To help you select your desired look, TZR spoke with editors and celebrity stylists about popular takes on this versatile cut. Here are a few eyes from these conversations which may inspire your next salon appointment.

Classic Bob

A classic bob haircut is a short and relatively blunt cut that rests near the jawline or collarbone. Often faster on one side than another, you can decide the exact length, from just past your ear down to touching your collarbone! If you have straight hair and want to add modernity, try adding face-framing layers or wax pomade to add a piece of texture for a lived-in style. No matter your hair texture, a bob is an easy and stylish way to showcase your personal style. Add color with ease by opting for tonal hues like this beautiful pink shade for an eye-catching yet low-maintenance style – or go super short and style it with lots of texture for an It-Girl aesthetic!

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bob cuts can flatter virtually every facial structure. They add youthfulness to an aged face while slimming it by emphasizing jawlines and chins, providing an overall slimming effect. This versatile style can be customized with various lengths, bangs, colors, and lengths – celebrities like Ashley Tisdale, Selma Blair, and Charlize Theron have donned it successfully! Try an asymmetrical neck-length bob, which skims over your collarbone. It works beautifully on heart, square, and rectangular faces alike, and its longer side frames the forehead for added drama in this simple haircut. Use highlights to make this short asymmetrical bob the ultimate movie star look! The multiple-layer texture works wonders with fine hair texture, adding volume and movement while simultaneously being suitable for straightening or curly styling. Just be sure to verify with your stylist beforehand to avoid any surprises!

Side-Swept Bob

A side-swept bob cut is super adorable and can be worn any time; its side-swept bangs draw attention away from your cheekbones and forehead while making you look lovely! Deep side-parted bobs are an excellent choice for women with thick, straight hair who want something more seductive than the classic bob. Cardi B often opts for this hairstyle – she looks fabulous wearing it! For a slightly edgier style, an inverted bob may be perfect – its more extended back section and shorter front portion add volume while giving off a seductive vibe – plus, it doesn’t make your kinky locks appear poufy!

Long Bob

Women who wish to preserve their natural hair color often choose long bobs as the ideal style. Long bobs can enhance the beauty of chestnut locks while adding texture and volume. The classic bob is an eye-catching style that sits just below the jawline and above the shoulders, perfect for thin to fine textures who struggle to keep thicker strands from looking puffy when cut short. An alternative to the classic chin-grazing classic bob is an asymmetrical bob, featuring more layers and is slightly edgier. Celebrities like Keira Knightley and Charlize Theron have made this style famous, sporting it on screen in movies featuring them. Pastel hues can add an air of femininity and modern flair to a classic bob, and Morena Baccarin and Emma Watson opted for this look.