How to Style Blunt Bob Hairstyles

Blunt bobs make an elegant statement on every head, no matter your hair texture. From sleek and straight locks to those sporting natural waves and curls, blunt bobs are timeless looks for every type of mane. Pair this chin-length style with wispy bangs and an understated fade for an eye-catching finish!

Achieving Thickness with a Blunt Bob

A blunt bob is the ideal cut to add the illusion of thickness to fine hair. Ask your stylist to round off the baseline for an elegantly beveled effect. Cool tone bob with bangs.

Enhancing Volume with Wavy Layers

A chin-length blunt bob with wavy layers is an adorable style that visually thickens your locks. This look works for any face shape and hair type; thin and thick varieties look good! Additionally, this look works well for adding fun colors like blue!

Adding Dimension with Ombre

This ombre bob is perfect for summer and perfectly compliments her warm complexion. The gradual fade of its colors adds visual interest and dimension to this timeless cut.

Accentuating with Bangs

Are you searching for ways to accentuate your bob? Consider adding bangs as a stylish upgrade – long fringe or short curtain bangs will instantly frame and brighten your face! Undercut bob with blonde highlights.

Making a Statement with Purple

Purple hair has made waves in fashion this year, making an eye-catching statement with bold hues. Combined with a blunt bob, its vibrant and feminine color adds an eye-catching accent that draws the eye away from its classic lines while amplifying their movement and layers.

Adding Depth with Blonde Highlights

This medium-length blunt bob features soft waves and natural texture with light blonde highlights that emphasize its depth and dimension, adding dimension and depth. A side parting helps frame the face for an attractive finish.

Making an Impact with Red

Red is an eye-catching color, and when combined with classic bob style and wispy bangs, it makes a fantastic statement! Keep your bob healthy and shiny by regularly moisturizing shampoo and conditioning treatments. Long bob with silver and grey.

Experimenting with Silver and Grey

Blunt bobs pair well with dark hair colors, perfectly complementing diamond and triangular facial structures. For an eye-catching style, try styling a long, wavy, blunt bob with silver and grey highlights; this look can easily be worn side-swept or with messy waves for a stylish appearance.

Incorporating Balayage for Volume

Use balayage to add color and volume to a blunt bob cut with medium hair. This two-toned effect creates soft two-toned products and helps increase volume for an ideal haircut for women with medium-length locks.

Elegance for All Face Shapes

A blunt bob is an elegant, sophisticated cut that complements all face shapes. This straight, chin-length bob with deep side parts is ideal for women with fine or normal hair who wish to keep their locks tidy. Copper lob.

Rocking Wavy Copper Browns

Wavy copper browns are unrivaled when it comes to creating chic looks. This gorgeous brunette-to-copper ombre works wonderfully on medium-length hair and features long layers blending into short, choppy front layers that frame the face perfectly. The model wears her choppy bob with a side part for an effortlessly stylish and feminine style that’s easy to maintain.

Subtle and Exquisite Babylights

An indecisive woman looking for a subtle babylights option might find comfort in a lob with subtle babylights. Its warm red tones combine beautifully with light blonde highlights for an exquisite copper shade that shimmers like gold! This stunning copper shade pairs warm red hues with golden blonde highlights for a gorgeous combination that radiates sophistication! Chin-length bob.

Effortless Classic with Chin-Length Bob

A chin-length bob is ideal for those seeking an easy classic cut with minimal upkeep requirements. The face-framing layers add drama while softening the jawline; adding a side part makes this style even more stylish. You can tame thicker hair using texture spray or curling iron to achieve an undone and relaxed manner.

Pink Perfection with Candyfloss Bob

Mad Men actress January Jones recently amazed viewers by sporting an eye-catching candyfloss pink bob haircut, complete with blunt, chin-length strands that perfectly frame her stunning features and cheekbones, while its side part accentuates its asymmetry. Sleek bob.

Sleek and Sexy Blunt Bob

Sharp, blunt bobs can look exquisite when styled with the appropriate hair color and cut. In this instance, the model chose an ombre-style bob with subtle waves at her neck-length blunt cut for maximum sexy effect and to accentuate the dark eyebrows on her face.

Elevating Your Bob with Side Parting

One way to spice up a bob is with a side parting. This style works equally well on straight or wavy hair and suits every face shape, acting as a frame to enhance a face-framing hue like this blonde with harmonious balayage.

Creating Volume with Thick Bob

Wavy blunt bobs are ideal for curly or natural-textured hair and make an attractive combination. Soft yet romantic, this style adds old-world charm. Pair it with a fade for an eye-catching style; purple makes an excellent hue choice!

Embracing Deep Side Parts

Deep side parts can add volume to this chin-length bob while framing your face beautifully. Pair this look with a high-neck dress for an effortlessly stylish look!

Timeless Sleek Bob

Sleek bobs are timeless, but you can make yours stand out with peekaboo highlights or an accent braid. Plus, keep yours looking its best with our nourishing hair oil!