A Blue Toner for Orange Hair Can Help Get Rid of Brassy Tones

If bleaching has left your locks with warm orange tones, don’t panic – a blue toner for orange hair could help neutralize them! Use blue toner or shampoo to quickly eliminate orange tones on your hair since blue lies directly opposite orange on the color wheel and complements each other.

1. Matrix Total Results Brass Off Blue Toning Shampoo

Add balance to your brassy tones with this professional salon-clarifying shampoo. Ideal for brunettes who lighten their locks, this clarifying shampoo works to neutralize and reduce unwanted warm or orange shades, producing more natural-looking blonde locks. In addition, its blue-violet pigments instantly refresh and cleanse coils while depositing color-neutralizing toning pigments, which help reduce brassy tones. For best results, use Matrix Total Results Brass Off Conditioner, which contains natural ingredients without being tested on animals – for best results, follow with Matrix Total Results Brass Off Conditioner.

2. Wella Color Charm Silver Toning Shampoo

Wella’s permanent liquid hair toner for levels 9 and 10, designed specifically to neutralize orange tones in blonde hair and give you an ideal beige hue, is designed to achieve platinum. Perfect for beige and light brown shades, which are hard to achieve through other products. Toners are generally safe on bleached and pre-lightened hair, though too much use could lighten darker strands if used too frequently. As with any toner, always perform a strand test before applying it. Apply toner to damp, but not wet hair and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before checking its progress regularly. As toner may change color over time, keep a close eye on its progress by using Roux Rejuvenating Porosity Control Corrector as an equalizer before toning for best results; its formulation does not contain ammonia, parabens, or phthalates, which might alter results further.

3. Manic Panic Virgin Snow Hair Toner

Orange hair is a typical result of bleaching dark hair to lighter hues, and can quickly be resolved using color corrector toners. Toners contain blue pigments that neutralize yellow and orange tones found in your locks based on color wheel theory – two opposing hues cancel each other out, thus rectifying their undertones. Manic Panic’s hair is a blue-hued toner designed to eliminate brassy orange hair color on even level 10 blonde. This deep conditioner also serves as a dye, providing your locks with an ideal base before adding bright hues. This product is manufactured in the USA and meets both vegan and cruelty-free criteria, using a cream formula without ammonia, resorcinol, or PPD for safe use on bleached and natural hair. An easy-to-carry and apply large bottle makes this toner great value!

4. L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expertise Hair Toner

Once your hair has been lightened, it may quickly pick up unfavorable warm undertones that make it appear brassy. One way to combat these unattractive tones is using a toner, which functions by canceling out yellow tones and giving your locks a natural-looking cool shade that’s more in keeping with its roots. L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expertise range is essential for anyone with bleached locks, providing all the tools to maximize its benefits and get the best out of blonde color. This includes Metal Detox treatment designed to neutralize copper particles before rendering any paint, balayage, or lightning service. Serie Expertise Silver Shampoo is another must-have, as its profound purple pigment neutralizes unwanted brassy tones and keeps your blonde shade cool. Combine it with the Serie Expertise Silver Conditioner, which features ceramides and babassu oil to nourish strands. And remember to shield your locks from sunlight with an appropriate head cover – such as an elegant hat or wrap – to avoid lasting color fade from prolonged sun exposure!