Blue Tips Hair Colors For a Bold Look

Blue hair can make a bold statement that will draw people’s eyes immediately. It works great on straight, wavy, and curly locks as well as more subdued hues like black. They’ll help ensure you can achieve the look that you desire without much trouble or delay.

Smokey Blue

Smokey Blue is an exclusive blue hue perfect for anyone seeking an eye-catching yet subtle change to their look.

Its gray undertones and muted brightness make it the ideal hue to make an impression without looking garish.

Smokey Blue works beautifully across different lengths and textures while looking especially lovely against light skin tones.

If you’re interested in trying this shade, we advise getting a sample and testing it on yourself first to be sure that it will suit you before going all-out with blue locks.

Alternatively, try Van Deusen Blue, Fair Isle Blue, Water’s Edge Pilgrim Haze, or Amsterdam as shades with similar undertones.

Dark Blue

Dark blue hair can make a striking statement that’s ideal for those seeking something bold and daring.

Less vibrant than sapphire or navy shades, dark blue hues look beautiful against black bases – especially with goddess braids!

Furthermore, this hue pairs nicely with darker skin tones.

If you prefer more subtle solutions, why not give blue ombre a try?

This takes inspiration from smoked-out roots but adds an unexpected hue.

Instead of using neutral tones at your root to mid-lengths area and then gradually transitioning into your natural blonde hue at the ends.

If you’re ready to dive headlong into the blue hair trend, consider opting for a dark blue balayage.

This subtler version of classic blue looks stunning on long wavy locks or as a bob.

Additionally, this hue can help those with color phobia ease into it as it blends better with their naturally darker base color.

Icy Blue

If you prefer wearing pink-toned dye jobs and dusty pink wigs, why not give icy blue hair a try instead?

Icy blue hues offer more subdued pastel tones that suit those with light skin tones and cold undertones.

Blue and black combinations make an eye-catching statement when worn in ombre styles, especially on straight or angled bobs or loose waves.

It makes a beautiful impression.

When going for a lighter-blue look, it’s essential to be conscious of how often you wash your hair, as the hue can fade quickly.

Sulfate-based shampoos may diminish its vibrancy; for longer-lasting color try dry shampoo instead and look for blue conditioners which contain blue pigmentation; these will replenish lost pigment.

Black and Blue

Black blue hair looks amazing.

It adds drama to any look and pairs well with darker complexions; plus, it works wonderfully when worn with apparel that matches its hue!

This style is an alternative to the popular ombre hair trend.

Instead of gradually transitioning from dark to light, this shade begins at your roots and gradually darkens as it travels down your strands – perfect for anyone wanting a subtle change without going all-out with bleaching!

This blue black hair shade is the result of the combination of two hues–a saturated navy hue and subtle tint–that blend together.

The result is an eye-catching, multidimensional hue suitable for any type of hairstyle; especially appropriate for Morticia Vibes when worn with black dress attire.