Blue Peekaboo Hair Color Trends

Adding blue peekaboo highlights to your hair is a beautiful and sophisticated way to add highlights. The colour represents luxury and elegance. You can also use a light shade of purple, such as Lilac, which is understated and delicate. If you’re more adventurous, you can choose an orange shade that represents boldness, happiness, and optimism. But you have to take care to avoid any disasters before applying the colour to your hair.

Blue peekaboo highlights represent elegance and luxury


Peekaboo hair color trends tend to go with blonde or natural brown hair. However, you can experiment with other shades to get a non-traditional look. For instance, you can use pastel shades to create an ethereal and playful effect, or you can go with bright red or bright blue to create a mermaid-inspired look. However, whichever color you choose, it is important to consider your skin tone.


Peekaboo highlights are a fun and easy way to add some personality to your hair. You can try this look on any hair color, but they look especially beautiful on light blonde or silver locks. Alternatively, you can opt for blue peekaboo highlights to add a pop of color. You can choose from several shades of blue, ranging from light to dark. The darker shade creates more contrast, while lighter blue highlights will give your look a more subtle effect.

Lavender hair is a light shade of purple


While this color may not be the most flattering, it does have its advantages. It’s very versatile and can be worn in many ways. The dark base helps the lavender strands pop against the light hair. Choosing the perfect shade of lavender for your hair is important to achieve the best overall look. The right shade of purple will blend into your natural hair color and prevent it from growing out in the roots.


If you’re a blonde, consider a light shade of purple ombre. This will add depth and dimension to your locks. The shade of purple should be kept very light at the roots and gradually fade into a lavender shade in the middle. A dark purple ombre may be too bold for you. You can also use a purple balayage technique to add a touch of dimension to your natural hair.

Lilac hair is delicate and understated


For a feminine and elegant look, opt for lilac peekaboo highlights. It will add a delicate and romantic finish to any look. You can add this color to all of your hair or just the tips for a more subtle ombre effect. It looks good on most skin tones, although you will need to bleach your hair first if it’s darker than lilac.


This soft shade leans pink and blue. It adds subtle depth to any hair color. This shade is also appropriate for pale complexions, and works best with large curls. If you want to make the color even more dramatic, try a lilac shade that has purple hints. This color will have a dreamy, romantic effect. It will also make you feel like a princess.

Orange hair is a bold hue associated with optimism


If you are looking for a way to turn heads this season, consider dyeing your hair orange. This bold hue is associated with optimism, warmth, and cheerfulness. Orange is also associated with fire, a symbol of creativity and heat. It is a complementary color to azure, and stands out the most against sky blue tones. Orange is also commonly used in nautical safety devices. However, not everyone wears orange hair.