What is a Blue Hair Toner?

A blue hair toner is a product used to neutralize orange and brassiness in bleached or overly dyed blonde hair. It is typically applied after bleaching or dying and can be in the form of semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color. Blue toner is highly effective in reducing unwanted warm tones and giving hair a cool, ashy shade.

The Benefits

Blue hair toner is easy to apply and can show visible results within a few washes. It can be found in various forms, including shampoo, allowing for regular use. Blonde hair tends to turn brassy or orange due to factors like excessive bleaching or using the wrong developer. Blue toner, being the opposite of orange on the color wheel, effectively neutralizes these tones.

The Process

Applying blue toner to hair requires precision in mixing and application. A suitable developer volume is typically used and left on for a specific duration before being rinsed out and shampooed. It is recommended to apply the toner to damp hair for better absorption. Blue toner can be purchased at beauty supply stores or online.

The Ingredients

Blue hair toner is specifically designed to counteract orange brassiness in bleached hair. It works by utilizing the color theory, where complementary colors like blue and orange cancel each other out. Professional stylists often use blue toners to address orange hair caused by weak developer strength or leaving dye on for too long. There are also DIY options for creating blue toner at home.

The Cost

Regular use of blue hair toners can be pricey, but they are worth investing in if you bleach your hair frequently to maintain fresh-looking results and eliminate brassy tones. Schwarzkopf BlondMe T-Steel Blue Bond-Enforcing Toner is an effective option. Consulting with a stylist can help determine the best toner and maintenance routine for your specific hair color.