Anime Guys With Blue Hair

Anime characters with blue hair often portray traits associated with peace and tranquility, reflecting their color’s symbolism of natural equilibrium.

Bodee buys a bus ticket and follows Gerry on their halfway journey toward Panama City, all while Flee residents respond in silence.

Bodee buys a bus ticket and follows Gerry on their journey to Panama City while the residents of Flee remain silent.


Ban is one of the most dazzling boys with blue hair. A member of the Seven Deadly Sins, his pale blue locks are styled into chunky spikes with pointed ends for an irresistibly charming appearance.

Ban is known for his selfish and greedy tendencies, yet he also possesses an admirable character trait: compassion for his friends. He quickly gets surprised and excited when he learns that Hawk is King.

Ban and King enjoy an amicable, playful relationship. They frequently tease each other and exchange humorous remarks. At the Vaizel Fighting Festival, Ban even attempts arm wrestling, offering himself up as an offering in support of King.

Gintoki Sakata

Gintoki Sakata is an ardent hero who protects those unable to care for themselves. Over time, he has made many friends and always offers someone in his group a place.

Unfortunately, his biggest weakness lies within himself. Gintoki experienced considerable losses during the Joui War and feels guilty over events against former students and teachers he cared for during that conflict.

After seeing Otose in a graveyard, Gintoki pledges to protect her. He becomes her landlady and mother figure. Though he is often lazy or sarcastic, he will die for someone he cares for.

Hijikata Toushirou is often found in confrontation with Gintoki, but despite being rivals, they share similar ideals and can reach an incredible synchronization when fighting together.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi

Ikuto Tsukiyomi is one of the main characters in Shugo Chara. He is a skilled violinist forced to work at Easter by his stepfather. Despite this, he is selfless in protecting those he cares for, including Utau Hoshino and Amu Hinamori.

Ikuto is a Sagittarius, meaning he is passionate and energetic. He attempts to convince Amu to open her heart to him, but she remains resistant.

Yoru is Ikuto’s guardian character. This cat-human signifies his desire for freedom as an alley cat with dark blue hair and cat ears. In his other transformation, he becomes Seven Seas Treasure, a pirate who uses Emerald Line attacks against his foes.

Tokiya Ichinose

Tokiya sports an elegant midnight blue shag that sometimes appears black. His locks cover his ears, neck, part of his forehead, and cheeks. He is among the most incredible anime guys with blue hair and colossal potential.

He is a prolific composer in the Uta no Prince-sama game series and holds the record for having written the most solo songs. Tokiya played an essential role in STRISH’s debut performance and boasts incredible vocal talent.

Tokiya is often mistaken for HAYATO due to Haruka mistaking him when they first met, making him uncomfortable. But he always gives his best effort when performing for Haruka.


Aladdin is an orphaned street urchin who uses his intelligence to outwit his opponents. He is a quick thinker who can come up with schemes quickly.

Alongside being smart, Aladdin also possesses excellent agility and reflexes. He can outrun palace guards and escape from his dungeon after stealing food. He also excels at acrobatics with his pet monkey, Abu.

Glen Keane created Aladdin’s character design for the original film. Keane felt Aladdin should have an insignificant appearance to reflect his underdog narrative. He gave him a slim frame, tan skin with no nipples, thick black hair with matching eyebrows, a red fez, and baggy pants as attributes that represented him well.