Blowout Hair Men – How to Style Your hair

Blowout hair men are the newest fashionable trend, more popular than pompadours or quiffs. Achieving this style requires both a good haircut and some styling products.

Blowout Taper Fade

A blowout taper fade is a popular style made famous by Pauly D on Jersey Shore. It entails shortening the sides and back of your hair while leaving the voluminous top hair standing out.

High Blowout

This style, initially known as a taper fade, became immensely popular after Pauly D first appeared on MTV with it. It features cleanly shaved sides and back with a long top part styled into a high blowout. This style works well on both straight and curly hair. To achieve an office-friendly look, slick the top layer with gel and push the upper layers upwards. Adding lines or shapes to your hair adds depth and makes your style stand out.

Quiffed Blowout

Men with thick hair can achieve a sleek and polished look by buzzing their sides tightly before creating a pompadour with a deep side part. Using electric clippers can help achieve this style quickly. Adding a quiff can add height and style to your blowout. Comb the top hair into a wave shape at your forehead hairline using hands and pomade, once blow-dried. Avoid using hair gel for a more natural appearance.

Messy Spikes

Messy spikes are one of the most sought-after blowout styles for men. This look features shaved sides and back, with the top hair spiked into an unruly mohawk style. Use light pomades or waxes with natural, glossy finishes for an effortless look. Clays and fiber pomades can also be used for more texture. Start with clean, slightly damp hair and evenly work the product into your scalp. Push your hair upwards into spikes.

Extended Fringe

Leave your locks longer for a wispy fringe as part of a feminine and contemporary blowout style. Trim different lengths into an uneven edge for a piece-y effect. Combine with taper fade fades on the sides and back for a neat and classy finish. Short and blunt fringes make an eye-catching statement, perfect for framing the face with an angular appearance. Long hair with bangs can be achieved by scrunching wavy top hair and adding light pomade.

Spikes with Tramlines

If you have thick straight hair, try the spikes with Tramlines blowout haircut. Trim the sides and back of the hair short and style the top layer using gel to form forward ends. This classic blowout haircut can be spiced up with hair gel and styled as desired. It is ideal for thinner locks.

Updated Blowout Fade

Try this hairstyle with medium fades on both sides and long bangs for an updated take on the classic blowout fade. This style is perfect for men with curly or wavy locks and emphasizes disconnection between the sides and front of the hairline.