How to Get a Blowout Haircut

A blowout haircut is an easy and cost-effective way to give your locks a sleek finish without spending hours at the salon. Additionally, texturizing products make this style simple to maintain over time. Try the messy blowout style for a fashionable and chic look if you have kinky Afro hair. Or consult with your barber to request a fade blowout that brings out your facial structure while adding style.

Consider opting for a taper fade haircut for a stylish yet simplistic style. This style involves trimming hair very short around the sides while leaving longer locks in front for a contrasty effect. While suitable for all hair lengths and textures, taper fades are ideal for men with curly or thick locks, as this style will stand out more prominently than its competitors. Request that your barber blend a low taper fade with 3-4 inches of hair on top, using strong pomade or texturizing products to shape and style it into place. This stylish look shows others you care about your appearance!

A practical side part blowout haircut requires having your barber shave both the sides and back while leaving at least four inches of longer hair on top – which can then be styled upward with strong pomade for an unmistakably wind-blown appearance. This style is ideal for men with a rugged or casual aesthetic, particularly those wearing beards. Use a comb to shape it into place for an island-inspired style. Quiffs are classic men’s hairstyles with a moderate fade along the sides and back while keeping the top layer long and pushed back. To give this quiff extra flair, ask your barber to add a blowout effect for an eye-catching finish.

With long layers, creating different blowout styles is easily achievable. Ask your stylist to add volume by creating a gradient effect using dark root fade and blonde highlights that blend in beautifully. Your long layered haircut can also be styled to emphasize your features with blunt or curtain bangs, which works exceptionally well on oval, round, or heart-shaped faces by drawing attention to cheekbones and eyes. Add more volume and dimension to your long layered haircut by opting for longer back strands with shorter layers on top, adding book that pairs beautifully with side-swept crown updos or milkmaid braids.

There’s a good reason so many people spend $50 or more for professional blowouts – they save countless hours of hairstyling time each week! While the results might look less sleek than salon visits allow, you would save both money and time by doing it on your own at home! This style, also known as the Brooklyn fade, or temp fades, combines a moderate fade along the side and back with a fuller top that can be pushed up or flicked out for an eye-catching and stylish look that works well with any beard style imaginable. Plus, adding dreadlocks on top adds rugged, island flair!

One of the hottest blowout styles today is a messy style. This trendy haircut combines popular trends such as quiff and blowout into one stylishly messy effect. To achieve this look, add some pomade after blow-drying your hair before scrunching it with your fingers to achieve a unique style. Blowout haircuts, often known as taper fades, have recently gained recognition thanks to MTV personality Pauly-D from Jersey Shore fame, who popularized this hairstyle and coined its moniker: the blowout. A blowout haircut can be ideal for men with round or oval faces who wish to switch things up! Blonde fade styles look especially striking on African American men who require little hair gel to create the classic blowout fade look.