Blonde Hair With Blue Tips

Blonde hair with blue tips is an elegant yet daring way to add a splash of color and edge to any ensemble. Pair this look with lush curls for an eye-catching appearance that exudes femininity but still remains stylish. Be sure to select a shade of blonde that complements your skin tone for optimal results. For instance, if you have red locks, an incredible blonde will help neutralize its red hues for more brown tones.

Choose the Right Shade of Blue

Selecting the ideal hue of blue can help you realize your desired look, but several factors must be , considered, such as hair length and skin tone. Brunettes may wish to keep their roots darker to minimize frequent root touch-ups and extend the longevity of their blonde color. If you want something bolder, a teal hue that blends green and blue tones could add vibrancy to your complexion and help highlight it further. However, remember that bleaching your hair first may be necessary to enable its pigments to show through properly. Try incorporating subtle blue shades that accentuate your natural blonde hue for an eye-catching yet sophisticated style without taking the full plunge of blue into their look. This look works exceptionally well if you want to commit only partially.

Curl Your Hair

Curly-haired ladies will adore this hair color trend! To create an appealing fade effect, combine lighter roots with ash blonde on the ends to achieve this stunning yet youthful style. Finally, create soft natural curls around your face for an irresistibly youthful finish! On special occasions, combine a loose chignon with loose tendrils at the back and front for an elegant style suitable for formal events. Add decorative pins or baby’s breath as finishing touches for an added special touch. Curly hair looks particularly stunning when styled after two or three days have passed; natural oils help give ringlets more grip that better holds their curls.

Go for a Pixie Cut

Opt for a pixie cut with subtle blue highlights for an eye-catching and bold look. This style features long layers on the front and sides and short choppy layers at the nape and back, perfect for creating an eye-catching style that emphasizes facial features. As another option, try out the sexy two-tone pixie. This style features longer blonde or ash-blonde top pieces paired with shorter jet-black sides, making this ideal for older women looking to add some edge and dimension to their short locks. Pixie cuts can flatter all face shapes, but heart-shaped faces significantly benefit from this haircut style. To add extra chicness, add gray roots or faded orange ombre to make your pixie cut even more striking.

Go for a Blunt Bob

One of the trendiest hairstyles this year is a blunt bob. This versatile cut can suit all hair types, visually lengthening the neck. Wear yours with two-toned highlights or add messy waves for rocker chic style. Try opting for a neutral blonde hue like this, or something warmer like honey ombre fades from dark roots to lighter ends like on Lana Condor’s blunt bob. Blunt bobs can look equally elegant when worn wavy, as evidenced by this piece-y style with its middle part and beachy waves at its crown. A heat protectant spray may help ensure damage-free styling sessions.

Go for an Ombre

Try a light blue ombre if you want to show your feminine side without going too bold. This look involves shading your hair in two stages with two distinct hues before applying lighter hues at the tips for an appealing shade blend. This option is also great for brunettes who may still need to commit fully to becoming blondes but still wish to experiment with something eye-catching. Ask your stylist to add subtle ombre accents with blue streaks for an eye-catching, fun, smoky effect that will draw everyone’s eye. Pair this style with a blunt cut or tousled waves for an on-trend look perfect for work or play! This style works for any occasion!