Blonde Hair With Blue Tips

Blonde hair with blue tips is also known as platinum blonde hair. This hair color is very cool and flatters most skin tones. The hair can be straight or curly, and features blue highlights on the tips and sides. It is one of the most popular styles among celebrities. It is low maintenance and looks diva-like when styled correctly. Here are some tips to achieve a look like this. You will love the unique combination!

Dirty blonde hair is a cool tone


A dirty blonde color is a very cool tone that looks great on pale skin. This shade is typically lighter at the ends than the rest of the hair. It has blue and silver tones, which make it look great on people with ash or pale skin. This shade is a great choice for people with fair skin, because it adds depth to an ash blonde color. If you’re going for a dirty blonde color, it’s important to make sure the color is lustrous. You can achieve this effect by using a pre-shampoo sugar scrub similar to those you use on your skin. This way, you’re not only cleaning your hair but exfoliating it.


If you’re looking for an easy and low-maintenance color for your hair, try dirty blonde. It looks good on warm-toned skin and is a great transition color from light to dark. It’s a great choice for people with a warm-toned skin because it’s low-maintenance and flattering on all hair textures. A dirty blonde is a beautiful shade that can be emphasized by adding blonde highlights.

It is flattering to many skin tones


When considering your hair color, your skin tone should come into play. Depending on your undertone, you should consider cool to warm blondes and coppery blondes. If your skin is warm or neutral, warm tones should stay away from cool tones like gold and platinum. You may want to consider brown shades, such as caramel, ash blonde, and platinum if you have cool skin.


For a more natural-looking blonde color, you can choose a shade of ash blonde, which is flattering to most skin tones. It looks warmer and more natural, but it can also look flat on some skin tones. To combat this, try highlighting your ends, or adding streaks and babylights. You can also opt for highlights for a more dramatic look.

It is low maintenance


A low maintenance blonde hairstyle with blue tips is a stylish choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of sex to their look. This color is a favorite among celebrities and is easy to achieve. It’s best for those with a light skin tone. However, if you want to add more color to your locks, try experimenting with a light purple hue. This type of hair color is extremely low maintenance and is very versatile, as it can be worn up or down.


This hair color is low maintenance because it doesn’t require frequent visits to the salon. You just need to follow certain care instructions. Choose a color-safe shampoo and conditioner and do not wash your hair too often. Additionally, avoid using heat tools over 375 degrees F. Moreover, if you want a warm shade, you can blend different shades to produce the right result. Blue hair will fade off after a few weeks, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a salon every month to get a touch up.

It can be styled diva-ish


Blonde hair with blue tips is a stylish way to get the ’90s look without going completely blonde. This ‘do is only two shades lighter than warm chestnut brown, making it the perfect hair color for long, wavy hair. For an extra dose of diva-ish style, add asymmetric fringe to your locks and tie it up in a ‘Tinker Bell’ bun. This look is elegant and sophisticated enough to wear to formal events.