How to Add Bold Blue Tips to Your Hair

One of the most fun and stylish ways to add blue hair color is with an ombre look, which involves gradually transitioning from dark roots to blonde highlights.

Winter-inspired hues such as this winter-ready shade look great on women with medium skin tones, pairing well with caramel highlights and providing a natural-looking glow.

Pastel Blue Dyed Hair

Pastel blue hair colors look fantastic on most skin tones, depending on the shade and saturation level chosen; lighter hues work best with fair to medium complexions, while darker tones suit those with darker complexions.

Semi-permanent dyeing offers a convenient and risk-free way to experiment with pastel blue hair without committing to stay blue permanently. Lady Gaga famously used semi-permanent dye in her look,, showcasing how pastel blue can be worn chicly yet playfully.

Light blue and turquoise strands are interwoven into bleached blonde locks to create this captivating mermaid style. The dark blue fades to sea green shades for depth on her straight locks.

White Blonde Dyed Hair

White blonde is an eye-catching shade with light skin tones and complements blue or gray eye color. To achieve this look, bleach all strands entirely before applying an all-over ash toner for an icy, stunning effect when styled into an updo.

If you like the idea of a white-blonde wig but don’t want to commit to bleaching it all over, icy highlights might be just what’s needed to create that same effect with more texture and dimension.

If you decide to go white, your stylist must understand your commitment to keeping up with it. Brittany advises clients to evaluate their lifestyle and hair care routine to assess if this intense color can be maintained successfully.

Black Blonde Dyed Hair

If the idea of bleaching your entire head seems intimidating, there are still ways you can add blonde highlights without making a complete transformation! Light balayage streaks around the face or part may help highlight dark roots while giving an illusion of more delicate roots – creating the look of more golden locks overall!

For optimal results when switching your color, it is recommended that you consult with a professional stylist experienced with color changes. Bleaching and dying can cause extreme damage if done improperly, so select an intermediate shade, such as chestnut brown or chocolate, to use as your filler before applying black dye; this will prevent it from turning green after applying an actual black stain.

Blue Peekaboo Tips

If you love pastels but are craving an added splash of flair, opt for blue peekaboo highlights. This adorable style works well with any hair style imaginable – half up/down styles, braids, or twists; the bright accents become visible when pulled up.

Blondes can get away with just about any shade of peekaboo highlights as long as they’re lighter in tone. A light blue will give your strands an upbeat and carefree vibe, while darker hues, such as cobalt, add a stylish edge.

Redheads can enjoy this trend, too! Chunky streaks of crimson make an eye-catching statement and provide an excellent way to play with the mermaid hair trend without going too overboard.


Curly hair can add significant volume and dimension to any look, especially when dyed blonde. Blonde highlights with more lightening at the tips can show off those curls!

Ask your stylist to highlight curly hair in a color lighter than the rest of your blonde locks to prevent brassy ends from emerging. Additionally, use deep conditioner weekly and receive regular haircuts so your coils do not become dry and damaged.

Wear your wavy or curly blonde locks with blue peekaboo tips for an eye-catching style that will surely draw admiration from passersby. Go long, mermaid-esque or short for a fun and cute pixie cut look – either way, this will turn heads and grab attention.