New Blonde Hair Trends for Spring 2023

Buttery Blonde Hues

Buttery blonde hues reflect a Californian sunny coast feel, creating an inviting and natural look. It’s the ideal hue for brightening up dishwater blonde without frequent touch-ups.

Golden Beige Highlights

Golden beige highlights blended into dark roots create a light shade of cool neutral. This shade requires less maintenance than platinum blonde.

Dark Platinum Blonde

For those who love being blonde, this beauty staple has new iterations. From Reese Witherspoon’s strawberry blonde to Hailey Bieber’s melted pecan blonde shades, these hues offer a way to switch up blonde hair without bleaching and damaging the locks.

Teddy Bear Blonde

Teddy bear blonde is an elegant variation of warm honey blonde. It features golden tones matching the client’s natural skin tone and works best on light to medium complexions, particularly hazel or baby blue eyes.

Ashy Dark Blonde

Darker blonde hues can be achieved through various techniques. For a subtle option, ashy brown lowlights can be combined with noticeable ones like balayage with icy blonde and sandy tones, creating a beautiful contrast.

Consult Your Stylist for Darker Blonde

If you’re considering going darker, it’s advisable to consult your stylist first. Bleaching and toning can stress your hair, so it’s always better to trust professionals for optimal results.

Warm Honey Blonde Balayage

For a warmer look, consider trying honey blonde balayage. This warm hue flatters textured strands and works well with neutral or cool undertones. It suits both DIY hair care routines and salon visits.

High-Contrast Blonde

A new take on bronde, high-contrast blonde features dark roots transitioning into light, frosty blonde ends. This look adds dimension and spice to naturally blonde hair when paired with long cascading waves and curtain bangs.

According to senior colorist Jaclyn DiScala, the blonde hair trends for spring 2023 focus on warm tones. Golden and warmer blonde hues are in, and creating dimension is vital this season through lowlights that add depth and natural-looking dimension to the hair.

Effortless Blonde Bob Cut

For a low-maintenance blonde hairstyle, try a chic bob cut. This style is ideal for thinner strands, adding volume and length. Just remember to schedule regular haircut appointments and moisturize regularly for optimal results.

Pink Ombre Blonde

Pink ombre blonde combines cool-toned tones with a brown-to-blonde transition, creating a soft and subtle pixie bob look. This hue enhances almost every skin tone and adds a sexy edge to any style.

Smoked Marshmallow hair Trend

For an eye-catching ombre effect, consider the smoked marshmallow hair trend. It offers an effortless color transformation suitable for brunettes and light blondes, flattering most skin tones.

Cream Soda Balayage Blonde

Cream soda balayage blonde is a trendy style with a beige-brown base and warm gold tones. It’s a fresh and subdued choice for balayage, creating a beautiful overall appearance.