Blonde Hair Ideas for 2020

Platinum Blonde Hair

Ladies with blonde locks can breathe fresh air for their male partners, who associate these beauties with the lightness of being and delicate femininity. Platinum blonde has become increasingly popular this year as it recalls vanilla ice cream’s color scheme. This neutral shade looks good on virtually all complexions.

Balayage Highlights with Darker Roots

If you want something with more contrast, balayage highlights with darker roots are needed. This look gives off a stunning effect, is easy to maintain, and provides natural-looking highlights.

Blonde and Brunette Balayage

Women with light complexions will love this dramatic brown-to-blonde balayage hue. A soft pink tone lingers at the ends, creating a fantastic rose vibe that works great with any skin tone. This low-maintenance hue grows out without needing regular salon sessions, making it ideal for busy ladies. Dark brunettes can also take advantage of this stunning blonde and brown hair color trend, featuring natural-looking tortoiseshell brown and golden blonde tones for a sophisticated and alluring style. Your hair stylist will work to craft this chic combination that exudes sophistication.

Sandy Blonde Highlights for Brunettes

Sandy blonde highlights add dimension to brunette locks for an eye-catching summertime look. A combination of highlights and lowlights in this warm golden shade makes a dramatic statement and looks red carpet-ready, as seen on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Natural Blonde Hair

Whether your hair is naturally blonde or you want a change, these light blonde shades will instantly enhance your look and give it an alluring, sun-kissed glow. Cooler tones such as platinum and ash work best for fair skin tones, while golden hues suit warmer complexions better. To add dimension, add well-blended dark roots for an authentic blonde color look!

Brassy Blonde Highlights

Brassy blonde highlights add warmth to any blonde bob or subtle balayage effect; their results are gorgeous. Everyone will swoon over your lovely locks.

Pink-Infused Blonde

Bring femininity to any look by mixing blonde with pink. Your stylist can help create a beautiful, rosy hue to complement your complexion and personality. Start with Arctic Mist as your base shade to achieve a light berry tone, then blend Virgin Pink until you reach the desired shade since this mix can be customized and customizable to meet any starting blonde level. Try a rich strawberry blonde hue to wear the trend without going too bold, or go for a feminine and springtime-themed soft lilac balayage for an elegant springtime look. These colors look beautiful when worn against warmer skin tones and pair well with loose beachy curls or romantic half-up half-down styles.

Rose Blonde Hair

Rose blonde can make a striking statement regarding hair color; this romantic hue works for all complexions, long wavy locks, shaggy bob styles, and shag cuts. Just add plenty of texture for optimal results! Buttery shades between soft brown and blonde hues are another popular choice for blonde hair, and this sultry shade looks particularly flattering on Indian skin tones. Maintenance can easily be accomplished using the balayage technique or even with ombre highlights.

Dark Rose Gold Color

Dark rose gold is another option, providing a perfect bridge between copper and pink tones. This shade can help tanned blondes transition from classic platinum to warm blonde or revitalize their honey-blonde look.

Golden Blonde Hair

Golden blonde is the perfect way to frame dark brown ringlets and bring out their shine. To complement its cool-toned hue, ask your colorist for help using free-hand techniques such as balayage to add caramel-tinged highlights throughout your locks.

Honey Blonde Highlights on Golden-Brown Base

Nothing says sunny blonde like the alluring hue of honey-hued honey on a golden-brown base. This welcoming and irresistibly creamy shade works wonders with any length dress, adding dimension through highlights or baby lights for added dimension.

Creamy Caramel Bronde

Brunettes can easily make the transition to gold hair hues! A great example would be a creamy caramel bronde with an undetectable change and plenty of natural-looking dimensions. This hue looks particularly stunning with loose beach waves or an intricate braid – it is one of the top blonde hair ideas for 2020 that will help your locks remain healthy and radiant throughout fall and winter!