How to Go Blonde Hair 2021

Blonde hair isn’t simply a style; it makes a statement that deserves your full consideration. If you’re an easygoing blonde, hair glosses offer an effective yet inexpensive solution to maintain and refresh your hue between salon visits. Today’s formulas feature shimmery effects for every shade.

Warm Tones

Choosing a shade that complements your skin tone is vital when going blonde. If you have warm complexions, choose sandy blonde or golden highlights with a natural warmth to stay bright and glowing; otherwise, platinum blonde shades like those seen on celebrities such as Kate Bosworth and Elizabeth Olsen would work perfectly.

Mushroom blondes and beige blondes with subtle warmth work well for brunettes who wish to transition away from brassy hues. Pinterest searches have witnessed an astounding 308% spike this year for this look – Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Shanina Shaik have even worn this shade!

Toasted Coconut is another versatile blonde shade that complements every skin tone beautifully. This shade combines grungy roots with creamy lengths and icy white tips for an au natural balayage style that never looks overdone.

Face-Framing Highlights

Face-framing highlights, commonly known as “money pieces,” are an easy and quick way to lighten and brighten blonde hair. Starting at the part line and carefully placed to accentuate facial features, face-framing highlights are ideal for salon color beginners or anyone who doesn’t desire full head highlights.

Sun-Kissed Blonde Highlights

Ash-blonde shade can add subtle pops of blonde to dark locks for a sun-kissed effect that pairs beautifully with beachy waves. Delicate streaks can be created in various widths to suit face shape and hair texture, creating sun-kissed highlights for face-framing highlights that frame your face beautifully.

Caramel blonde face-framing highlights are an ideal solution for an even lighter look. Their luxurious hue is flattering on all skin tones and works with any haircut, whether long straight tresses for boho-inspired styles or short bobs to show off your best angles. Regarding maintenance requirements, caramel blonde is less high maintenance than other blonds as its shade can easily be maintained through balayage rinse or purple shampoo treatments.

Low-Maintenance Blondes

While platinum tones remain on trend, , you can add warmth this season with a buttery blonde shade. “Caramel tones are one of the most flattering hues for those with darker blonde bases; especially great if your skin has warmer undertones!” says Fitzsimons.

Cream Soda Blonde Hair Trend: Easiest to Maintain

For an effortless fall blonde requiring little commitment from you, ask your colorist to use subtle face-framing highlights or soft balayage melt on dark roots. According to Reed, this technique “is an ideal way of refreshing a blonde without spending a great deal of time in the salon.” Additionally, color-depositing shampoo and purple conditioner may help prevent brassiness between appointments.

hair Glosses

Though technically not considered dye, hair gloss can amplify tones and correct brassiness, and help revitalize a faded shade (though a more permanent color might be necessary if trying to change your hue drastically). Salon-applied explicit formulas hydrate hair cuticles while leaving them healthier and shiny.

Tinted glosses can also amplify color, whether that means making rich brunettes more sultry or giving an icy blonde more beige hues. Both Dosso and Wiepert recommend applying tinted glosses during shower time with damp hair for best results and following each brand’s specific instructions for application.

We love this at-home gloss, featuring a spray nozzle for effortless application and conditioning ingredients like camellia oil and oat milk to soothe and condition hair. Available in three shades for every need – blue for brassiness, purple to neutralize yellow tones, and clear for increased shine – you won’t want to leave home without it!