Blonde and red Hair color

1. Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is an iconic hair color that adds golden red hues to classic blonde locks, complementing warm and cool complexion tones. For a bolder look, try crimped tresses in a zigzag pattern. A more subdued variation is a brown base with natural-looking red highlights, perfect for lighter skin tones. This color combination is easy to maintain with regular touch-ups.

2. Bob

Strawberry blonde is a pale version of red hair that flatters all skin tones. This gorgeous balayage blend of warm and cool tones looks exquisite on a bob haircut. Try a shoulder-length bob with an elegant blonde ombre for a subtle twist on the color trending. The darker roots blend seamlessly into lighter blonde ends for a natural effect. You can also experiment with bolder colors like teal green or turquoise for more striking results.

3. Balayage

Balayage highlighting is a technique that creates natural-looking highlights and dimensions on any hair color. It is popular among girls and works exceptionally well on naturally blonde hair. Balayage can also add color and size to dark or medium brown locks. For brunettes, sunset red balayage brings out the natural red hue, while darker red shades can enhance your eyes.

4. Highlights