Blonde and Blue Hair

No matter your style or level of intensity, blonde and blue hair makes an eye-catching statement. It looks striking when combined with a taper fade. To keep your strands healthy, use Dove Men Care Strengthening Shampoo for an impressive look.

Mila Kunis of Bad Moms made headlines by debuting a bold new look: light blond locks with vibrant blue tips. She paired this daring color combination with a striped T-shirt and jeans.

Blonde hair Blue Eyes

Many blonde people also possess blue eyes. Genes for hair color determine the amount of pigment your body makes, while eye color genes determine where this pigment accumulates. So, blonde hair and blue eyes often go hand-in-hand.

Blue eyes are breathtaking on their own, but choosing a shade of blonde can enhance their beauty. Look for shades with warm undertones that complement your skin but are cool enough to contrast your eyes and skin tone. For example, an ash blonde with a hint of grey can bring out the blue hues in your eyes.

Ice Blonde

Icy blonde is an exquisite hue that works well with any complexion. It’s ideal for fair-skinned individuals and those with darker locks looking to lighten them up. Another popular option is dirty silver blonde, an ashy version of blonde that showcases darker roots with white-silvery ends.

Ice platinum blonde is another stunning option featuring classic icy tones. Regular touch-ups may be needed to maintain this style, but it’s worth the effort for its youthful and radiant appeal.

An icy blonde angled bob will turn heads and win hearts thanks to its cool tones and choppy strands complementing most facial structures. Use a rich hair mask regularly to keep your locks looking healthy.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde is an elegant, natural-looking blonde shade ideal for pale skin tones. It creates a soft yet subtle radiance with a mix of warm and cool tones. Add rich copper tones to bring out your complexion, or opt for more subtle red tones for a summery and bright look.

This softly nuanced tone lies between golden blonde and copper hues with a touch of ginger. It’s suitable for most skin tones and is predicted to be one of this year’s biggest hair color trends.

Consider reverse ombre to try strawberry blonde without a complete dye job. This technique blends your chosen tones from top to bottom for a seamless, natural appearance. Use quality shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair to keep your vibrant strawberry blonde looking fresh.

Natural Blonde

If you’re naturally blonde, Garnier Nutrisse Cream can provide an excellent, multi-toned result without brassiness. Request thick foil highlights to ensure the color lasts as intended until your next touch-up appointment.

Blonde hair tends to darken with age, so visit your salon regularly for toner treatments that restore brightness and combat yellowing or brassiness. Blonde hair is more porous, so protect it by using a cleanser that won’t strip natural oils from your scalp.