Blond highlights on blond hair

hairBlonde highlights are an eye-catching addition to hair of any length or texture. They look natural against lighter base shades and contrast sharply against darker locks. Endless, beautiful blonde highlight ideas, including ombre and balayage techniques, are available.

Butter blonde tones can give you a sunny look that flatters warm skin tones. They are easier to maintain with regular glosses between highlight appointments.

Light blonde highlights can add dimension to your locks without the commitment or expense of all-over hair dyeing. They are also easier to maintain than darker hues.

Aside from foiling, there are numerous other techniques your stylist can provide for more custom shades and blending options.

Try ombre highlights with subtle balayage at the roots for a modest but stunning highlight on brown locks. This technique works well on curly or wavy hair by emphasizing natural texture.

The balayage technique can help lighten your locks without fully covering up your existing base color. Opt for a copper blonde shade with warm undertones for an eye-catching, cool-toned hue.

Dark blonde highlights create a luxurious aesthetic and add depth to blond hair. Cool shades of blonde work well on tanned complexions, and the placement pattern of the highlights can have a significant impact.

If you’re a brunette seeking blonde highlights, highlight only the ends of your hair for a natural look. Add face-framing streaks of strawberry blonde to ash brown locks for a subtler effect. Balayage is also an excellent option for a dramatic highlight effect.