Blond hair with Blue highlights

1. Dark Blonde with Blue Highlights

– Blue hair works especially well on light blonde locks.

– It can add an eye-catching pop of color for brunettes with ash-toned roots.

– Consult your colorist for semi-permanent blue dye for added vibrancy.

– Dark wavy bobs are ideal for adding subtle blue highlights.

– Perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with something bold without permanent coloring.

– This trend focuses on creating stunning mermaid hair with different hues of blue.

2. Dark Blonde with Teal Blue Highlights

– Dark teal hair can be an amazing look for blondes.

– Light blue hues pair beautifully with ash blonde locks.

– It’s an excellent choice for girls with pink or pale skin to bring out their blue eyes.

– Face framing teal highlights are a great option for trying the pastel hair trend.

– Megan Thee Stallion and Billie Eilish are fans of this look.

3. Dark Blonde with Dark Blue Highlights

– Blue hair can be an amazing look but requires frequent touch-ups.

– Hydrating masks can help maintain the hue.

– Now is the time to call up your colorist and try blue hair dye.

4. Dark Blonde with Dark Blue and Grey Highlights

– Dark blue hair with grey highlights offers a delicate and elegant alternative.

– It adds personality without overwhelming the eye.

– Various shades of blue, from deep cobalt to subtle turquoise, accentuate and complement the eyes perfectly.

– Wigs are a great way to test blue hair before dyeing permanently.

5. Dark Blonde with Dark Blue and White Highlights

– Bleaching your locks is necessary for this multi-toned effect.

– Light blonde or platinum blonde highlights can be paired with dark blue hair.

– Adding blue highlights to blonde locks is an easy and safe way to add pops of color.

– It also creates an eye-catching contrast on darker locks.

6. Dark Blonde with Dark Blue and White Highlights

– Dark blonde hair with blue highlights adds dimension and flair.

– It is a lighter alternative to an all-over mermaid shade.

– This style consists of a darker blue to light blue fade with scattered white highlights.

7. Dark Blonde with Dark Blue and White Highlights

– Blue highlights can enhance dirty blonde hair.

– The shade chosen can create a bold contrast or a more subdued look.

– Shoulder length bobs can showcase the versatility of blue highlights on dark blonde hair.

– Adding blue highlights in a balayage style adds depth and dimension.