Blond Hair Color Trends of 2018

Regarding blonde hair color, there are various options available to you. Choose from natural highlights or go for something simpler, like lighter tones, for easy upkeep.

Cara Delevigne and Gigi Hadid Marissa Cooper Hollywood Blonde Look

Cara Delevigne and Gigi Hadid have been sporting the trendy Marissa Cooper Hollywood blonde look lately, which you can emulate with this blonde balayage technique.

Cool-Toned Dark Blonde

If you want to go blonde from a dark brunette, ask your colorist about “winter gold,” a cool-toned shade that works on all complexions and features violet, blue, or even green undertones to counteract yellow undertones in your skin. This creates an eye-catching cool blonde shade that looks contemporary yet classic at once.

Mushroom Blonde for Dark Hair

If your hair is naturally dark, opt for an in-between hue like that seen on Priyanka Chopra Jonas: mushroom blonde. This balayage-inspired shade offers subtle pops of color without going too light and leaving behind brassy highlights. Style your paint with a sleek back and voluminous waves for an ultra-glam look. Use bond repair products, hydrating masks, and brass-busting purple shampoo to maintain shade!

Dark Golden Blonde

If you want a warm and flattering dark blonde shade, opt for golden highlights in your hair color. Achieve this hue through natural roots or a demi-permanent dye like BlondorPlex to lighten brown locks to this shade.

Ask your stylist to add subtle honey and golden caramel highlights for an extra warm tone in a natural dark blonde shade. This style works best when done in a sun-kissed bob. To keep a vibrant golden blonde shade, it is necessary to pamper your locks with deep conditioning treatments, hydrating shampoos, and quality conditioners. Furthermore, avoid over-processing them to prevent brassiness and preserve gleaming color.

Dirty Blonde

The dirty blonde was once widely disapproved of, yet it has become one of the most desired shades today. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid wear this neutral hue well, which works on warm and cool skin tones.

If you want to experiment with new hair colors without bleaching your whole head, add dirty blonde highlights using the balayage or flamboyance technique for face-framing that looks natural and flatters your complexion. Use a shampoo specially formulated for colored hair to extend its vibrancy and prevent it from fading over time. A sulfate-free formulation protects and revives the color while keeping locks healthy and vibrant.

Light Blond

Blond hair can add depth and drama, especially if you choose the warm strawberry blonde hue. It works beautifully with cool skin tones and light makeup colors, including golden lip hues. This box dye includes everything you need for a DIY blonde makeover – including ammonia- and PPD-free formula, as well as conditioning treatments with shea and olive oils for optimal conditioning results.

Icy blonde with a cool undertone is another way to achieve snow-queen beauty, providing an opportunity to add brightness without appearing as stark as with platinum or white hues. For vibrant blond locks, try switching out your shampoo for one explicitly designed to treat color-treated locks like this one. Use it to gently remove dirt while prolonging salon visits.

Silky Blond

Silky blonde hair is an elegant look for women who wish to keep their blonde locks light-toned, making this spring color trend suitable for all complexions and experienced blondes who don’t want to commit fully to platinum or ice. Beige-blonde hues look particularly stunning against darker complexions and can enhance green or blue eyes. To maintain its appearance between salon visits, we recommend Pureology’s Hydrate system, which nourishes, softens, and revitalizes dry, color-treated locks while offering protection from damage.

Rose Blond

This on-trend shade of brown is an ideal way to try one of 2018’s hottest blonde hair color trends: dark chocolate with rosy highlights that suit all skin tones, making this hue low maintenance. No bleaching is required either – perfect! Before trying a rose gold hair color at home, consult your stylist. They can give an accurate color mix. Also, bring a reference photo so they know exactly what you are after. Your natural blonde hair will look more vibrant with rose gold highlights to bring out its fullest potential, complimenting your complexion and eye color. It will look fresh and revitalized!