Blond Brown Hair Color With Blonde Highlights

Brown hair with blonde highlights is an ageless classic that never goes out of style. It looks gorgeous no matter the texture of your locks – loose curls to an updo are all equally lovely. If you’re coloring dark hair blonde, try using a toner that reduces brassy tones by cooling the color and canceling out brassy hues. Also, use a hair mask regularly to maintain optimal condition of locks for vibrant results.

Dark Blonde Ombre

Ombre hair colors typically feature blonde roots with lighter ends, but that doesn’t preclude dark complexions from taking part. Keep your natural hue at the roots while adding baby lights for extra brightness at the ends to achieve this stunning style – the result will be an understated yet sophisticated style, perfect for pairing with lush strands and large brown eyes!

Boost the blond trend with an unexpected hue: an ash blonde at the roots that fades to warm vanilla at the tips. This chic color works beautifully on medium or long strands but will stand out when worn as part of a pixie cut! Kylie Jenner favors this look, which she wears with a choppy bob for a contemporary goth aesthetic that makes for the ideal look at music festivals.

Smokey Ash Blonde

Adopt a color that bridges the gap between blonde and brown with this mesmerizing calm ash tone with subtle blonde highlights, perfect for wavy locks.

Add delicate ash-blonde baby lights to your dark roots to create a subtle and natural look. Crafted to blend in seamlessly with existing blonde hues, these super fine strands will bring lightness and create an aura of warmth to your complexion.

Smoky ash blonde root melt is an eye-catching way to bring out your more daring side. Try pairing this shade with a poker straight short bob to emphasize its bold and stylish appeal.

Cool ash blonde with brown highlights makes your locks appear fuller and thicker, ideal for naturally light blond individuals who can maintain brass-free locks. For self-dyeing this style, use Wella 7A Medium Smokey Ash Blonde mixed with 20 Vol Developer for fade-resistant grey coverage results and add purple-toning conditioner like Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Conditioner as the final step to prevent further fading of color and keep it intact over time.

Platinum Blonde Highlights

Lighter shades of blonde work beautifully on almost all hair textures and lengths. An icy platinum blonde on dark brown locks offers a youthful and sunny appearance that works beautifully with either straight or curly locks, adding dimension and lightness. Furthermore, this shade adds dimension and dimension to dark roots by giving them size and adding light colors that illuminate them perfectly.

To recreate this look, begin with a full head of ash-brown hair and add a heavy slice of platinum blonde. Use BlondorPlex 6% for reliable lift, then tone with Shinefinity Color Glaze 05/02 09/81 to craft an irresistibly alluring Nordic blonde hue.

For an elegant and understated look, try rooted balayage that blends icy blonde highlights into dark brown hair for an exquisite shade. Perfect for brunettes with bright eyes, this shade will instantly elevate their royal beauty and leave everyone speechless! Additionally, it is easy to maintain using only sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to preserve this incredible hue.

Dark Brown Roots

Dark brown roots can look just as stylish and flattering when styled in a subtle, somber style, known as an “ombre.” Sombre, or the quieter sister of ombre, is a fade technique incorporating darker roots with lighter mid-shaft and end hues. Wella Digital Ambassador James Earnshaw used an ash brown dye at his roots and lightened them using Blondor Plex Opens in new tab and Koleston Perfect at both sources and ends for this look to achieve an organic transition from brunette to blonde that looks polished rather than random or like skipping salon appointments.

Opt for a warm-toned take on this trend by selecting a buttercream or blush blonde shade that complements your natural skin tone, which can help hide roots that show, as well as give an impression of cool blonde shades without having an unflattering impact on specific complexions like icy shades can do.