Blond Balayage on Dark Hair

Blond balayage can add warmth and brightness to dark hair colors. Use this technique to soften faded blends or create an attractive face frame with lighter “money pieces.”


If you need more time to jump to blonde, balayage offers another way of adding lightness without bleaching. Balayage is a painting technique that creates natural-looking highlights on dark hair without looking brassy or orange.

Rich Brunettes

Rich brunettes can take their complexion to the next level with a subtle face-framing balayage in a honey-brown hue. It looks especially great against an olive skin tone and pairs perfectly with money pieces for added dimension.


While most hair-color trends come and go quickly, balayage hair has proven itself time after time. It offers an elegant way to add natural-looking highlights without significantly transforming the appearance of your locks.

Cool-Toned Blonde Balayage

Cool-toned blonde balayage on dark brown hair can give an eye-catching style without too much bleaching. This style works best on wavy or curly locks to maximize its dramatic effects and highlight ribbons of color more prominently.


Balayage offers a natural-looking color without excessive bleaching, making it much healthier for your hair than foil highlights. Plus, maintenance becomes much simpler as you don’t need to touch up roots as often.

Ideal for Brown Hair

Balayage is an ideal option for brown hair because of the multi-tonal effects it creates, enhancing dimension and making locks appear fuller. Balayage also works beautifully to frame your face.

Gorgeous Balayage on Wavy Locks

Try this gorgeous balayage on wavy locks if you have dark-haired brunette locks and want something different from going all-out blonde. The warm tones of darker strands melt effortlessly into a vibrant blonde balayage.


Balayage is an excellent way for anyone who wants to add lightness and texture to their hair without going blonde. It works on all shades and lengths of locks, though this technique makes curly or wavy locks look particularly beautiful.

Cost of Balayage Sessions

The cost of balayage sessions varies depending on both the salon and stylist. Those specializing in this technique typically charge higher due to their experience and training.

Beige Blonde Balayage

Try beige-blonde balayage to add depth and dimension if you have medium-brown hair. It is ideal for fine locks and creates a seamless gradation from darkness to lightness. Beware of washing it daily, which could cause the color to fade.