blond and red hair

A mix of blond and red hair can be quite striking. It will make you look very attractive and sexy. In fact, a woman with blonde hair may be carrying two mutations on her MC1R gene. The combination of these mutations makes her a compound heterozygote and she shows off her red hair trait. In contrast, a woman with dark hair may be hiding the fact that she is a strawberry blonde.

Blond and red hair have a lot of similarities. They’re both cool and edgy. And since they’re both very common, you can use them together to create a totally unique look. You can try to use a balayage technique to achieve the desired effect, or you can simply choose a shade of red that you like. If you want to go with a darker red color, however, you must remember that it can be a little difficult to manage and can even turn your blond hair pink. To prevent bleeding, you can either foil that or use a color safe shampoo.