Benefits of Bleaching Short Hair Platinum

There are many benefits to bleaching short hair platinum, and the style is easy to achieve. Men tend to prefer a shorter cut with a fade at the sides, which gives their locks a bold, trendy look. The cut is a tapered, skin fade that can be styled however the owner pleases. A light stubble looks good with the hair, and a neat, short beard will give you a cool movie star vibe.

The Risks of Bleaching Your Short hair Platinum


There are many risks involved in bleaching your short hair platinum. The color will fade and you will have straw-like strands. A platinum blonde style requires repeated bleaching. If you don’t keep the touch-up appointments, you may end up with bands of varying blonde shades. You should avoid an all-over bleach job. To achieve a consistent platinum blonde shade, make an appointment for a color touch-up within four to six weeks.

If you want to give that a platinum color, you can opt for a faded cut with side burns. The faded look is bold and trendy and is perfect for a day at work. The sides are tapered and skin-colored, so you can wear that in any way you want. To add to your style, platinum blonde hair also looks great with a light stubble. A well-groomed short beard gives you a cool movie-star vibe.