Bleaching African-American Hair


Bleaching black hair may seem intimidating, but it can be done successfully with the right tools and guidance. Here are some tips to help you achieve the desired results safely.


– Ensure your hair is in good condition before bleaching by trimming dead ends and regularly using a deep conditioner.

– Strengthen your hair by putting it in protective styles or applying nourishing hair oil before bleaching.

– Cut off damaged ends and hydrate your hair with everyday or deep conditioner a few days before bleaching.

– Maintain moisture in your hair, as bleached locks lose moisture quickly.

Strand Test

– Perform a strand test by applying bleach to a small section of your hair to check for any damage.

– If damage occurs, stop immediately and find a way to fix it. If there are no issues, proceed with the bleaching process.

Applying the Bleach

– Prepare your bleach mixture according to the product’s instructions.

– Apply bleach section by section, paying particular attention to the roots.

– Make sure the bleach is applied evenly to avoid damaging individual strands.

– Use a mirror to ensure even coverage.

– Set a timer for the specified duration and rinse thoroughly with hydrating shampoo.

– Follow up with deep conditioning treatments or masks as needed.


– Wash and condition your hair for at least three days before bleaching to allow natural oils to build up and reduce scalp discomfort.

– Moisturize your hair regularly, especially before bleaching, to protect against dryness and damage.

– Use a deep conditioner weekly leading up to bleaching to retain moisture.

– Take your time when applying bleach to avoid patchy or uneven results.

– Avoid excessive heat styling, as it can dry and brittle your hair.


– After bleaching, deep condition your hair to hydrate and maintain its health.

– Avoid using heat tools when drying your hair; opt for air drying instead.

– Use a color-protecting shampoo and toner after each bleaching session to neutralize any brassy or orange hues that may appear, especially in darker hair colors.

– A toner can help counteract these brassy tones.