How to Style Black Women’s Hair

Many academic studies and popular culture assume that Black women who straighten their kinky locks for cultural or self-hatred reasons are regressing or trying to become White. Yet this oversimplification ignores all possible motivations behind such hair alteration decisions.

Purple hair Color

Purple is an eye-catching hair color that complements all skin tones beautifully. Perfect as both highlights or entire head colors, purple works well against dark roots while complementing blue, green, and hazel eye colors. Furthermore, it fades into soft pastel tones quickly, making maintenance simple. Wavy locks work particularly well to show off this hue’s highlights naturally while framing facial features beautifully.

Multi-colored Hair

Add multiple colors to your hair for an exciting change and an eye-catching style! When selecting colors for this style, complement your skin tone and eye color, as this will frame your face perfectly. It is also suitable for people with shorter locks as this style will frame their faces nicely.

Alteration for Versatility

Many black women opt to alter their natural hair because it offers them more versatility than straight locks. By changing their style and adding unique touches like braided bangs or extensions, these women can express themselves more fully while standing out from their peers.

Deep Indigo or Ice Blue

Deep indigo or ice blue hues look wonderful on black hair and can create an eye-catching contrast against your complexion. Additionally, this shade requires minimal bleaching and toning maintenance, perfect for busy lifestyles that prefer less vibrant hues such as dark grey or navy blue shades.

Blonde Hair

Beautiful blonde hue explicitly designed to complement women with light skin tones. This elegant golden honey shade makes a bold statement and goes well with any complexion. Long layers and classic shaping help de-bulk the ends for a classic silhouette, while adding some cool highlights can bring out more of its cooler tones.

Warm blonde with Subtle Wheaty Tones

Warm blonde with subtle wheaty or “dirt” tones is an enchanting shade perfect for women with medium complexions and green or brown eyes.

Dark Roots with Light Blonde Highlights

Dark roots with light blonde highlights create a dramatic style that will get people talking. Plus, this hue’s easy maintenance means regular touch-ups! And it looks incredibly chic worn in a bob cut!

White Hair

Black women invest a great deal of time and money in their hairstyle. But not every style suits everyone; hair is part of who we are as individuals, an expression of ourselves, or a fashion statement.

Blue hair Color

Women with black hair often benefit from wearing jewel tones like cobalt blue, turquoise, and bottle green; bright reds and berry tones, as well as pure lemony yellow and pear green hues, are particularly complimentary.

Peekaboo Highlights

Peekaboo highlights are an innovative way to add color without bleaching all your strands. Style it with a bob cut a la actress Lisa Lampanelli or long, wispy bangs like singer Naomi Jon to frame your face and show off its color.

Copper Tones

Copper tones make an excellent transitional shade from warm blonde shades. Rose gold highlights make the hue even more stunning, and burgundy works particularly well when applied to black hair.