Black Woman Natural hair Styles

Black women are increasingly proud to display their natural hairstyles. Schools, the military, and companies are adopting policies that permit braids and locs as grooming options. This expansion of opportunities has led to various exciting natural hairstyles for black women to try this year.


The Afro is a timeless natural hairstyle celebrating beauty, style, and Blackness. It can be styled in various ways, from large and voluminous to more compact types. Whether you prefer a full, oversized puff or a sleek mini afro, both options are protective and easy to manage. Consider coloring your Afro for an eye-catching finish that beautifully frames the face for a unique look. You can also experiment with different styles, such as low puffy ponytails or goddess cornrow braided styles adorned with beads. Adding an eye-catching headscarf pattern or wrapping a strand around your forehead can create an even more striking effect.

Natural Bob

Bob is an ideal hairstyle to complement curly black hair. It highlights your ringlets and adds chicness to your style. Consider adding an ombre effect with pale paprika hues that pair nicely with your skin tone for added flair and sophistication. Feathered layers can also be incorporated into a bob to add energy and refinement. Additionally, you can try center-parted heart braids or vixen sew-ins for a trendy look. These styles work well with natural coils and kinks, providing versatility and fun.

Natural Curls with a Side Part

If you want a stylish alternative to a full afro, consider creating a face-framing middle part with curls falling around your forehead. This hairstyle adds dimension and can be perfect for special events. Simple cornrows are another elegant protective style that describes natural hair. Find the braid pattern that works for you, and use Shea Moisture products to maintain healthy and bouncy coils. For an eye-catching effect, try a voluminous braided ponytail with beads.

Thick Bronze Curls

The natural hair movement has gained momentum, with black women and girls embracing their beautiful coils, kinks, and curls. To maintain thick long curls, regular trimming and conditioning sessions are essential. Moisture-boosting products like shea butter or coconut oil can help keep your hair hydrated. A fluffy natural afro with face-framing bangs is another stunning protective style. Use a leave-in moisturizer and styling products to define and add bounce to your curls.

Short Curly hair with Layers

Short curly hair with layers is ideal for formal events like homecoming. The layers help create a volume that flatters all face shapes. Start by applying a leave-in conditioner and light gel to control frizz. Use a rattail comb to style face-framing curls into an attractive updo.