Black Updo Hairstyles

Look gorgeous and feel incredible with a black updo hairstyle that exudes elegance. Perfect for any event, from casual weekend fun to attending your best friend’s wedding celebration, it will have everyone admiring its classic elegance.

Unique Top Knot Bun for Black Women

This unique top knot bun for black women stands out with its defined middle section, making this style unique. High Ponytail in a Jumbo Braid

A high ponytail with a braided base makes an instant statement without overdoing it. A defined middle part adds elegance, and its hair cuff at the top highlights bold lip colors or large earrings in style.

High Bun

An elegant look for any special event is a high ballerina bun resembling a wreath, styled using hair products to control frizz and complete with the ideal touch – all using one hair product for this stunning style.

Messy Bun

For an elegant and sophisticated look, opt for a messy updo. Customize it to reflect your individuality by accessorizing it with beads or threads – perfect for casual daytime attire and easily converted to an eye-catching evening look!

Space Bun

As long as it fits your unique aesthetic, this stylish hairstyle is an easy and elegant way to show it. Add retro accessories like tinted sunglasses and cheongsam-style tops for an Afro-punk aesthetic that radiates chicness.

Side Bun

One classic and elegant black updo hairstyle to consider is a side bun, whether for formal events or nights out with friends. This look looks incredibly gorgeous when accessorized with flower clips and other decorative flourishes.

Bandana Bun

Carpooling kids around town, after-school activities, and work often leave no time or energy for updating your hairstyle. But protective braided buns or faux hawks can keep strands out of the way while you rock a professional or date night ensemble.

Flat Twist Updo with Textured Bandana

Flat twist updos offer stylish yet comfortable options for those seeking both glamour and comfort. Tuck one into a messy bun and wrap a textured bandana around it to achieve Brigitte Bardot-inspired looks.