How to Bleach Your Hair From Black to Platinum Blonde

Many people desire the attractive, eye-catching hue of platinum blonde hair color. Unfortunately, however, achieving it from dark locks requires much time, patience, and the right products.

Be sure to select a high-quality hair dye formulated with nourishing ingredients to minimize damage and dryness during coloring. Here are some great options you should keep in mind:

Cool-toned silver platinum

Silver platinum hair is an ultra-chic blonde shade with cool metallic undertones that look particularly striking on wavy locks. Low maintenance is required to maintain this shade’s look; however, periodic toner touch-ups may be necessary in order to keep its fresh appearance.

Ciara’s recent platinum bob is proof that this trend will stay around. This pale blonde hue highlights green or blue eyes beautifully while suiting light skin tones perfectly; additionally, darker roots allow for an intriguing contrast that works even better with this look.

Warm-toned golden dirty blonde

Warm blonde shades make a bold statement while also serving to lighten your mane. Consult with your stylist about creating a warm, natural-looking blonde by mixing golden tones with platinum to achieve a friendly balayage style that highlights dark roots while gradually transitioning to lighter hair colors.

Cool blonde shades feature blue undertones, while warm tones have yellow undertones. When choosing the ideal hue, consider your skin tone and eye color. Additionally, use a deep conditioner or color-safe shampoo every other wash to maintain healthy, shiny locks.

Violet-tinged platinum

Platinum blonde has subtle violet, silver, and blue undertones,, making it ideal for cooler skin tones. Furthermore, you can add warmth with an appropriate toner to achieve a more balanced look.

Reaching platinum blonde from dark brown or black hair typically takes 2-3 salon sessions, as the process requires exposure to chemicals and heat that could harm the strands. You must ensure your tresses can handle this significant change before proceeding.

Blush pink roots

As this sultry updo demonstrates, adding pink to blonde hair can add depth and dimension. It features blush pink roots with platinum ends that blend beautifully for a head-turning style.

Bleaching dark hair to white or platinum blonde requires several bleaching sessions until your desired hue has been reached. White platinum blonde hair needs regular maintenance; touch-ups may become necessary as your roots grow. Keep a good supply of at-home hair color handy to reduce maintenance hassle!

Cool-toned ashy platinum

If you search for a light blonde shade that’s neither yellow nor white, ashy shades such as platinum, wheat, and beige could be perfect. Cool-toned ash blondes work beautifully with blue or grey eyes and warm skin tones.

Ask your colorist to use small foils and baby lights for an effortless multidimensional effect. Style your new ashy blonde into a soft, textured lob to show off its colors!

Cool-toned gray/silver platinum

Even though gray hair may seem dull and lifeless, achieving an icy silver blonde can be one of the most incredible looks around. To achieve such a stunning hue, full balayage, root melt, and baby lights may be required to reach this gorgeous color.

As the journey to platinum can be rough on hair strands, a moisturizing mask must be used at least twice weekly, and as much heat styling as possible is avoided to avoid dryness and breakage. This dark gray smokey blonde ombre could be needed to complete your look and give a striking yet feminine appearance. This calm tone offers both seduction and sweetness in one package!

Cool-toned champagne blonde

Cool-toned champagne blonde highlights are an ideal solution for pale skin that does not want their hair too bright. This softer blonde highlight form combiness icy silver strands with warmer tones for an on-trend summery style that still feels modern and sophisticated.

Josh employed the balayage technique to give @cheyannelin’s Instagram influencer account an airbrushed light blonde shade that enhances her rosy complexion, with blonde highlights and golden undertones complementing the unique character of her blue eyes.

Cool-toned beige platinum

When transitioning from dark hair to platinum blonde, ensure your stylist has extensive experience handling dramatic color transformations. As it could take several processes for you to reach the desired hue, each can damage strands differently.

A lighter beige-blonde hue with pops of ashy platinum highlights can be ideal for cool skin tones. This look pairs nicely with wavy hair and compliments all complexions; plus its low maintenance requirements make it suitable for low-maintenance individuals.