How to Add Color to Black to Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown hair can easily be transformed with subtle highlights to give it dimension and make a statement. This trend suits almost all skin tones and requires minimal upkeep thanks to regular gloss treatments and heat protectants like Milk by GM Reverie.

Classic and timeless black to dark brown hair looks include natural color blends such as ombre or balayage. These techniques feature subtle, gradual changes between lighter shades, blending into dark strands to mimic sun-kissed locks while making hair appear healthier-looking. Selena Gomez wears her copper tones with pride, and their transition into her natural-looking blonde shade looks effortless and natural. For maximum impact, pair this bold look with a layered bob; however, straight or wavy locks may also work. Try taking on the ombre trend with pastel hues for a fun take, like Vanessa Hudgens’ lavender blonde and black ombre, perfect for springtime. Or switch things up with rich burgundy tones like hers for fall-themed hues like Vanessa’s. Softer tones like this ombre require no hair bleaching to maintain; just be sure to use color-preserving shampoo and conditioner like Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive.

If you like the idea of blonde highlights without wanting to commit to complete bleaching, ask your colorist about adding caramel tones to your locks. These subtle streaks of warm brown can add highlights without creating a stark contrast and make your locks sparkle when exposed to sunlight. This mocha brown ombre with subtle copper highlights creates an extravagant, luxurious look, making this shade of brown ideal for any hair type and texture. On black hair, its reddish tones may help balance them out while making blue eyes pop even further. This gorgeous balayage ribboning technique is another stunning way to add blonde highlights to chocolate brown locks. The minimal streaks will lighten them and look completely natural, whether worn up or down. This look works exceptionally well when highlighted around facial framing strands to accentuate beautiful features!

Mushroom brown is an easy and natural-looking color trend to maintain, with warm and cool tones creating a muted neutral hue. Perfect for brunettes looking to refresh their looks without drastically lighting them up, mushroom brown can update your look without drastically lighting them up! To achieve this hairstyle, your stylist will apply soft highlights or baby lights to your dark brown locks using multi-tonal techniques like baby lighting. This adds texture and visual interest from all angles of the room. Remember that ashy colors fade faster, requiring touch-ups every four weeks or so. Your paint should last longer by opting for darker ash tones like this mushroom brown balayage.

A shag cut can be an ideal solution for thick or curly textures as it emphasizes natural volume and can look particularly exciting when dyed with vibrant hues – not to mention supporting LGBTQA communities by showing support! This blue-black shag features thick bangs to soften its edges. Reminiscent of iconic rock stars, its asymmetrical style is incredibly flattering on those with petite features. Rachel recommends using a volumizing spray and Iles Formula products to add lift at the roots and provide extra moisture, in addition to applying salt spray on frizz-prone flyaways, using a diffuser to dry hair naturally rather than blow-drying straight, as well as heat protectant to maintain color integrity, volumizing mousse, and brushing through with fingers to avoid product buildup.