Black Teen Boy Haircuts

Whether their hair is straight or curly, a faded haircut adds some dapper panache. It is especially ideal if your boy has thick locks as it keeps their sides and back short while letting their top locks grow long for an eye-catching style.

Military Haircut

Military haircuts are short and sharp – ideal for black teen boys who wish to present themselves as stylish yet masculine. A low fade and thin chin stripe add an up-to-date aesthetic. For an alternative military haircut, ask your stylist to leave an inch of hair on top of the head – this can then be styled into a mohawk or faux hawk and used with fun hair art designs in the fade.

Geometrical Fohawk

Black boys can sport the geometric fohawk hairstyle by shaving their sides and keeping a small section of longer locks in the center, creating an eye-catching style. It looks spiky yet cool and can easily be maintained using appropriate products. Fohawk fades can also work well for men with curlier or wavy locks; for an eye-catching design, add some hair art for added drama and make you stand out in any crowd. Add unique designs or fun coloring pens, and you will instantly make an impressionful statement. A fohawk fade with a unique hair art design is an excellent choice for any special event and will undoubtedly set you apart from others in attendance.

High Top Fade

With a high-top fade haircut, you can achieve a timeless classic haircut for black boys. For added character, try adding fun hair art. You could even make an ocean wave design using geometric shapes or accurate lines! This style highlights your natural texture by styling tall spiraling curls into tall spiraling waves. A high fade will bring out the wonderful texture while remaining neat.

Ocean Waves

Long hair is a timeless style for teenage boys. It can be worn at any length and works exceptionally well if your locks have waves. Apply low or high-shine pomade to the sizes and comb them back for a sleek and stylish finish – or tie your locks back into a man bun for a more rugged and masculine vibe.

Simple Short Haircut

If you want a masculine style that requires minimal styling, consider opting for a classic short haircut. Add styling products like pomade to give your short locks an eye-catching and professional finish. For casual and formal events, black teenage boys with curly or kinky hair should consider styling it into a wavy, medium-length hairstyle. You can wear this protective style as an afro. Try a taper fade haircut if you want to look sleek and professional. This style perfectly suits every face shape and can easily fit various clothing styles.

Creative Hair Art

Boys looking to express their individuality can opt for hair twists or cornrows as an effortless way to do just that. Both styles look trendy while remaining subdued. Boys with long top hair can opt for a stylish quiff haircut – particularly popular among black children as it allows them to show off their unique kinks in an eye-catching manner. A flat top with high skin fade and line-up is another stylish, low-maintenance choice that looks neat and stylish.

Simple Short Goatee

Sometimes, all that’s necessary for an eye-catching cut is something simple and timeless, like a high skin fade with a line-up – it will look fantastic on any boy with oily locks! Temple fade haircuts offer a versatile style that’s easy to work into beard and hair designs, or for something more dramatic, try incorporating a wide mohawk on top for added drama. Black boys with curly locks can showcase their locks through an easy-to-style afro full of texture. A brushed-back hairstyle also works beautifully and can be enhanced further using pomade for a sleek finish.

Classic Taper Fade

An effortless short haircut can be the basis for more elaborate and daring styles, including those featuring voluminous curls. Black boys with unruly curls can keep them under control by cutting shorter to tame their wildness and combining them with a classic taper fade to establish a distinctive hairline. A taper fade is versatile enough to complement any style, from combovers and quiffs to pompadours, brush backs, or faux hawks. Additionally, it looks particularly striking when combined with tight shape-up cuts.

Long Hair

Black boys with long hair can experiment with wearing braided wigs to keep their style current and create unique styles, such as Amine’s, an atypical blend between cornrows and traditional braids. This textured crop is ideal for black men looking for an effortless, low-maintenance style that looks great all day. All it requires is some gel or pomade to keep its top part in place.