Black Short Curly Haircuts

For effortless style without too much upkeep, opt for a short pixie cut with long bangs to make it more fashionable and feminine.

Modern short, natural curly haircuts

Embrace various curl patterns to highlight facial features for an eye-catching aesthetic. Add some color for an eye-catching pop of brightness!

Tapered Curls with Cornrows

If you have short, curly hair, a taper fade with cornrows is elegant. This hairstyle creates an intriguing contrast between its short, faded sides and longer, curly top, working for any curly or kinky texture.

Tapered Curls with Space Buns

An alternative way to style a tapered haircut is with two tiny buns, also known as space buns. This look requires minimal upkeep and helps control curls. Add some flare with a bold bandana or head scarf addition for extra color and texture!

Tapered Bob with Light Highlights

One natural hairstyle that requires extra maintenance and effort, yet still looks beautiful, is the tapered bob with light highlights. This elegant yet chic style seems particularly significant when worn with face-framing curls in ginger hair.

Casual Curls with Side-Swept Bangs

For something more casual yet still adorable, pair your curls with side-swept bangs for an irresistibly charming style. These wispy bangs blend effortlessly into curly locks while still adjusting to suit any face shape.

Loose Curls with Upward Braids

If you’re searching for something different, try this curly updo. It combines goddess braids style with loose coils for an intricate, feminine hairstyle ideal for special events. Add colorful streaks for added flair.

Sleek Bob with Medium-Length Curls

A sleek bob is another stunning way to show off medium-length curls. This textured style combines an immaculate back with an undulating front, making it easier than ever for you to keep it in check with regular trims and hydration treatments.

Tapered Style with Flat Twist Details

Flat twist details at the nape are a popular protective style among black women. They help shield natural ends susceptible to breakage and make styling your hair more manageable. You can quickly wear your ponytail or updo, and add headbands or scarves for additional security.

Tapered Curls with Side Braids

Black women with curly hair can add flair to their tapered styles by adding braids. This charming hairstyle frames your face perfectly while projecting playfulness and confidence. Use a curl-defining product so your bouncy coils hold their shape well for this style.

Tapered Style with High Fade and Defined Curls

This hairstyle offers an edgy look for anyone seeking something different. Its high fade and shaved sides contrasting against its long top featuring defined, voluminous curls create an eye-catching appearance. Colored streaks add another unique element.

Voluminous Braids with Faded Top

This stylish tapered hairstyle for black women features an eye-catching faded top covered by small, voluminous braids. Easy to maintain, this look can be worn with or without bangs for an exotic summertime feel. Plus, its juxtaposed textures will indeed wow friends and coworkers!

Tapered Curls with Bangs

Women with curly hair who seek an eye-catching style will appreciate a tapered haircut as an option for styling their locks in an eye-catching manner. Combining faded sides, upward braids, and poofy curls into one stylish look makes this style ideal for black women looking to show off their natural coils.

Glamorous Tapered Hairstyle with Bandana

Add an element of glamour to your tapered hairstyle by pairing it with a vibrant bandana. This eye-catching accessory will highlight your beautiful locks while standing out from the crowd.

Side-Swept Fringe with Curls

Another great way to show off your curls is by wearing them as a full side-swept fringe. This style works exceptionally well for those with rounder faces as it helps distract from an otherwise large forehead and adds dimension. Wear your bangs slightly higher for an elegant appearance, or for something more casual, try sloped fringe closer to your eyebrow.