Black Roots Red Hair Color Ideas

Black roots and red hair color look elegant when combined with burgundy or copper tones for depth and dimension. This shade idea is ideal for avoiding overprocessing their locks or committing to a highly dark look. Remember that red fades faster than any other hue, so retouching roots every six to eight weeks may be necessary. However, foil ombre or balayage techniques may help reduce this frequency of touch-up appointments.

Deep Red Ombre

If you prefer bold colors but are reluctant to commit to an eye-catching red hair hue, opt for a deep ombre shade of crimson that fades from jet-black roots to berry in the center of your locks for an eye-catching look that stands out. Pair it with gold jewelry or fashion clothes like the current black leather jacket trend for maximum impact! Warm medium brown tones that transition to golden blonde at the tips offer another beautiful option for long, straight hairstyles and can be worn more subtly than other vibrant red shades. Ask your stylist to add this sophisticated ombre style, silky brown and wine red tones, in an ombre effect for your hair. Its seamless gradation works wonderfully on straight tresses or soft waves alike; it is perfect for adding a bit of red to any look without going over the top.

Bright Red

If you love the look of red hair but need more time to commit fully, vibrant shades like ruby and crimson are great ways to transition without going full-on vibrant. These rich tones can be applied as highlights, dip-dye, or all over, depending on your taste and desired effect. Ruby red is a refreshing shade reminiscent of pomegranates that flatters warm, neutral skin tones. It is more subdued than other fiery hues, making it the ideal option for those wanting to step up their red game without becoming overtly flashy. Idaho-based stylist Danielle Dyer recommends using a professional shampoo safe for colored hair to maintain the vibrancy of your new red hue. Doing this will keep your locks looking shiny and fresh even after having it done for some time!

Deep Burgundy

Burgundy hair may seem too drastic a change for some women to try, yet there’s a more accessible alternative that still gives the desired effect – brown hair with burgundy highlights is an attractive solution that can transform your appearance while remaining natural-looking. Make this look happen using a balayage technique to achieve an airbrushed effect, adding warmth to your look without appearing too dramatic. The color will blend naturally with darker roots for an appealing yet not-too-dramatic contrast that won’t take over. Balayage can also work wonders when used on shorter locks, as it perfectly showcases their chosen haircut and texture. Burgundy is an eye-catching hue that works beautifully for brunettes of all shades and skin tones. You can opt for bold or more subdued combinations of this reddish-purple hue, from bright to subtle touches of purple, for an alternative style look. Whether your locks are curly or straight, burgundy will surely complement all styles.

Dark Red

Dark red hair colors offer a bolder option for women who want to experiment with red yet aren’t quite ready for full-on redhead status. These darker tones, closer to brown than full-on redhead status, still possess warmth. Mahogany, auburn, or burgundy shades will provide deep yet rich colors that suit most skin tones well; they use light highlights as accents for added depth and dimension to their look. Cherry red is an appealing, feminine, dark red shade that looks beautiful on all skin tones and Afro textures. To maintain vibrant and healthy dark red locks, be sure to use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, deep conditioning treatments once weekly, and cold water washes for best results, as this will prevent more rapid fading of color compared to chemical dyeing processes that may dry out and damage hair more rapidly. Additionally, for dyed locks, it may help if the function uses demi or semi-permanent tints, as harsher chemical coloring processes may dry out and damage hair over time.