Black Ponytail Hairstyles

Black ponytail hairstyles are timeless and easy to style, perfect for any occasion and event. Requiring minimal styling effort, they allow your hair’s texture, volume, and beauty to shine through with style! This style is ideal for anyone seeking to feel both feminine and sophisticated, featuring a high ponytail with a thin braid along its side.

High Pony

Many may imagine sleek, stylish, and polished looks when thinking of black ponytail hairstyles. However, numerous variations on this updo can add flair and spice to any ensemble – braids may also work, or even try creating one with a wrapped base! Make your ponytail truly your own by adding flair with color! Explore different shades to find what works for you; caramel blonde can make for a chic and classic option, while fiery red adds an edge. Add bangs to add an elegant, feminine touch to your high ponytail. Bangs can frame your face and draw attention to your stunning eyes, framing your face while emphasizing them beautifully. If full fringe is too much of a commitment for you, clip-in faux bangs offer easy application and create a swooping effect that looks fabulous. Or try side 4-strand braiding your ponytail for a full pompadour effect.

Low Pony

A black ponytail is an effortless style that transitions easily from work to evening cocktails, thanks to its timeless appeal. Add cute details like face-framing side plaits or boss girl hats for a boost. Or add contrast by creating a low ponytail secured with a straight top section while the rest of your locks have plenty of volume and curliness! This elegant style is perfect for formal events. To replicate it quickly, start with a regular low ponytail before adding six evenly spaced hair ties on either side to form the bubble effect. It looks gorgeous paired with a side four-strand braid and swooping bangs; using a curling iron to create wavy layers gives an additional luxurious and polished touch to this elegant ponytail style.


When we imagine black ponytail hairstyles, we often wander toward a high, sleek style. But that doesn’t have to be the case – even low and long ponytails can look stunning when combined with an elegant braid! An adorable way to accentuate a low ponytail is to add a rope braid on one side – perfect for those without enough time for full updos! This attractive look also looks fantastic when worn casually! Start fishing, braiding each section by flipping it over another. Continue this pattern down until your ends and tie them with an elastic. It is the perfect hairstyle for a night out when paired with an eye-catching outfit and will keep you stylish all day or night!


Wavy hair makes creating stylish looks effortless; style a high ponytail and loose lower locks into a chic ensemble with ease. Your upper sections of hair can be styled in tight coils for an impeccable finish, while open lower areas act as frames around your face to frame your features and draw the eye inwards. This look can even be accessorized with pearl or diamond-encrusted pins to complete it perfectly for special events. A braided style offers a more relaxed approach to ponytail styling, offering various braiding techniques from simple three-strand plaits to more intricate designs. Additionally, this look is easy to keep neat – an excellent option for busy women! Add an edge to your low ponytail by accessorizing with sleek hair extensions. Available in various shades, these extensions instantly transform it into something feminine and fashionable.